Latest study by Nézőpont Institute: Majority of Hungarians believe the Brussels leadership is corrupt

More than half of Hungarians (54 percent) believe the European Union leadership to be corrupt, with even a third of government-critics (31 percent) holding the same view. While the European Parliament would withhold EU funds from Hungary on the grounds of corruption, the biggest corruption scandal in its history is undermining Brussels' credibility.

The ever-growing corruption scandal in Brussels has dominated the European political agenda for the last month or so. Several MEPs and officials from the European left stand accused of involvement in organized crime, money laundering, and the selling of EU policies.

The police investigation has also highlighted the double standards in Brussels, where corruption allegations have been used regularly by the European Parliament to exert political pressure, including by the left-wing politicians now accused of corruption. In a recent study, Nézőpont Institute investigated what Hungarian voters think about the leadership of the European Union. Here’s what they found:

More than half of Hungarians (54 percent) believe the leadership of the European Union is corrupt, and only half as many (28 percent) are convinced that the opposite is true. A much higher proportion (70 percent) of those who support the governing party alliance hold a negative view of Brussels' policies on corruption, and only 14 percent think that the EU leadership is not corrupt overall.



Even in light of the large-scale corruption scandal in the EP, half of government-critics still do not view the Brussels leadership as corrupt (52 percent), while 17 percent do and the remaining 31 percent feel the accusation could be justified.

Brussels seems to see the speck of sawdust in our eye, but chooses to ignore the log in its own. It’s almost funny, isn’t it?