Operational Group: All Schengen borders are open

Border control at all Schengen internal borders has been abolished. Meanwhile, the decision on the resumption of normal healthcare will be made later today.

Starting today’s briefing of the Operational Group, Lieutenant Colonel of Police Róbert Kiss announced that “after consultations with the law enforcement agencies of the neighboring countries, the Hungarian-Slovenian border control was also abolished, so the border control at all Schengen internal borders has [now] been abolished.” Kiss added that “another 589 compulsory home quarantines have been ordered in the last 24 hours, so the total number stands at nearly 10,000.”

Regarding the number of deaths due to the coronavirus, Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller reported that “of the 550 victims, the proportion of people suffering from other underlying diseases is high, reaching 527.”

Müller also said that there are currently no confirmed infections at all in four counties; she did note, however, that “despite the improving data, epidemiological preparedness must be maintained.”

Answering a question from the press, the CMO said that “a decision will be made today on if [normal] healthcare can return to its pre-epidemic state, and information will be provided on the decision tomorrow.”