Operational Group: Cinemas and theatres could reopen soon

Parliament will vote on the elimination of the state of danger on June 16, and the special legal order may end on June 20.

“Hungary successfully and efficiently defended itself in the first phase of the epidemic,” Róbert Kiss, lieutenant colonel of the Police, said at the start of today’s Operational Group presser. He also announced that “parliament will vote on the elimination of the state of danger; however, the operational Group will continue its work.”

Kiss also noted that although Austria opened its border today, Hungarian citizens must show proof that they do not have COVID-19 when returning home from Austria to avoid home quarantine. He also said that restrictions on events remain, but general restrictions will end with the elimination of the state of danger.

“After June 16, the emergency situation may end within a few days, after which theaters, museums, cinemas and baths can reopen,” he concluded.

Cecília Müller, Hungary’s chief medical officer, reported that there have been no significant changes related to the epidemic in the last 24 hours. “Favorable data allows for favorable changes,” Müller said, adding that “we are slowly and carefully introducing these changes so that we can take necessary action in time if it’s needed.”

"I have decided to partially release the prohibition on visits to social institutions (hospitals, elderly homes),” she also announced, specifying that “this should be organized in such a way that maximum security can still be guaranteed.”