Operational Group: The situation in the Metropolitan Municipality Home for the elderly is critical

At today’s Operational Group press conference, the chief medical officer called extraordinary attention to the urgent need to follow the rules. State Secretary for Public Education Zoltán Maruzsa also announced the new, suggested system for graduation exams, and Colonel Lakatos noted that hospitals are receiving a continuous supply of equipment.

Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller reported at the Coronavirus Operational Group’s daily press conference that infections have unfortunately escalated in the Metropolitan Municipality Home for the Elderly, raising the number of confirmed coronavirus cases there to more than 100 and the number of deaths to five.

“The colleagues of the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service are already on location, trying to explore the deficiencies and stop the spread of the virus,” Müller said adding that she will also join the team there today. “The risk of the virus spreading is very high in closed spaces, including elderly homes. Everyone is obliged to follow the ordered rules,” she emphasized.

The Chief Medical Officer also said that the number of laboratory tests is continuously increasing and now stands at almost 28,000. “The number of confirmed infections stands at 980, and with eight more people having passed away in the last 24 hours, the number of deaths has risen to 66,” she said.

Zoltán Maruzsa, state secretary for Public Education, called the switchover to digital education in Hungary a success. “Most EU countries have not yet decided on graduation exams,” he said, adding that the Education Operational Group “has suggested that the government organizes as short of an exam period as possible. That’s why we recommended the abolition of oral exams where possible and the holding only of written exams.” Following this recommendation, the graduation exam period could be conducted in 14 days.

Colonel Tibor Lakatos, head of the Operational Group, also announced that GPs will receive 520,000 surgical masks. “Yesterday, four more flights arrived to Hungary with protective equipment,” he said, adding that they are “continuously supplying hospitals with equipment.”