Operational Group: Wearing masks and keeping to a safe social distance is still important

Colonel Tibor Lakatos said today that following the social distancing rules could prevent a more serious second wave in the fall.

During today’s Operational Group press conference, Gál Kristóf, Spokesperson for the National Police Headquarters, revealed Hungary’s latest coronavirus figures. He said the number of active infections has dropped to 1,201, of which 414 patients are being treated in hospitals and 22 are on ventilators.

Colonel Tibor Lakatos, Head of the Operational Group, highlighted that a new government decree has now entered into force, which facilitates crossing the Bulgarian border. “People will no longer encounter restrictions, even if they come into the country via Romania,” he said.

Lakatos added that easing the restrictions are necessary to return to normal everyday life, but it does not mean that the protection measures proposed by the government and recommended by experts should be forgotten. “Keeping to a safe social distance and wearing masks remain important. These steps could prevent a more serious second wave in the fall,” he said.