PM Orbán: 10 emergency action groups have been set up, schools will be closed from Monday

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has announced the set up of 10 action groups and launch of a remote digital learning program for elementary and high school students.

During a national address this evening, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced that several measures have been put into place following an emergency Operational Group meeting.

Ten action groups have been set up, namely: Educational Action Group, Action Group for the Construction of an Epidemic Mobile Hospital, Action Group for Essential Businesses, International Coordination Action Group, Communication Action Group, Extraordinary Legal Order Acton Group, Financial Action Group, and an Action Group for the restart of the economy, a Research Action Group and a Border Control Research Group.

PM Orbán also announced that the entry ban already in place for Iran, China, South Korea and Italy will be extended to Israel.

Listing further measures to be introduced tomorrow, the prime minister said the government has already adopted the first set of proposals submitted by the Educational Action Group: the so-called External Digital Educational Program will take effect on Monday, which means students will not attend educational facilities but will instead learn remotely. Teaching will continue, the PM stressed, whereby teachers will be required to give lectures in a digital format.

At the end of his video message, PM Orbán reiterated that the virus carries the gravest threat to the elderly. “If people from my age encounter the disease, we will survive. But if our parents or grandparents catch it they might end up in a very serious situation,” he said in closing.

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