PM Orbán: "A pro-war, anti-economy, and pro-migration coalition has formed in Europe"

PM Orbán painted a stark picture of a coalition led by liberals, leftists, and the European People's Party (EPP), spearheaded by Manfred Weber, which he labeled "pro-war, anti-economy, and pro-migration."

In this morning’s interview on Kossuth Rádió, PM Orbán stated, "The coalition led by Manfred Weber, who plays a devilish role, is a pro-war coalition, accelerating Europe towards war." He emphasized that this coalition's second agenda is pro-migration, claiming they are implementing the Soros plan, which involves bringing 1 million migrants into Europe annually. The prime minister warned, "A population exchange is taking place in Europe; the white European population is decreasing, while the number of Muslim migrants is radically increasing."

Reflecting on his meeting with Mercedes executives, PM Orbán highlighted the strategic importance of Hungary in the global automotive industry's transformation. "The entire German industry is undergoing a significant transformation. The question is whether there will be a place for Hungarians in this technological transformation, and the answer is yes," he said. The prime minister mentioned a potential major investment in Kecskemét that could create 4,000 new jobs in vehicle and parts manufacturing.

The prime minister emphasized the critical role of the German-Hungarian economic cooperation, stating, "If there isn't a large market, Hungary cannot live as it does now. It would be tragic for Hungary if we could only rely on the economic market of 10 million Hungarians." He stressed the need to combat forces within Europe that oppose an open world economy.

Discussing the recent EU coalition agreement, PM Orbán revealed insights from an informal dinner where left-wing parties announced their alliance with the EPP. "The European People's Party is joining the left wing; this is a done deal," he said, highlighting the power dynamics at play. He criticized the coalition's stance on migration, reiterating his opposition to the Soros plan and its implications for European demographics.

Addressing Europe's competitiveness, PM Orbán described the coalition as being on the side of tax increases and hindering economic growth. "A pro-war, anti-economy, and pro-migration coalition has formed in Europe," he declared, adding that compared to Weber, Ursula von der Leyen is merely a "ministrant girl."

On the topic of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the prime minister stated, "The West, led by the Americans and with Germany's support, wants to defeat Russia. This is hopeless and comes at such a high price that it's not worth it." He emphasized Hungary's commitment to staying out of the conflict, noting that the recent European Parliament elections sent a clear message that Hungarians do not want to participate in the war.

PM Orbán also addressed the issue of migration fines, stating that those who profit from war and migration should bear the costs. "We are already working on a solution to make those who profit the most from war and migration pay the tens of billions in migration fines," he said. He linked this to the broader context of Hungary's anti-migration stance and legal battles within the EU.