PM Orbán: Central European interests successfully validated

The prime minister said great effort was required to prevent the many billions of euros of damage that George Soros wanted to cause to Hungary. He also asked everyone to make do this year with a small Christmas celebration.


Talking about the agreement on the rule of law regulation in his regular Friday morning interview on Kossuth Rádió, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that “Negotiations with the Germans have been going on for months.The views of Hungary and some other Member States on the future of the EU were in sharp contrast to those of the European Parliament. The EP wanted to take control of the European Union from the heads of state and government.”

EU officials say the Union is headquartered in Brussels, while heads of government say it is in the national capitals, the PM said.

“The Treaty declares that the heads of government are the main decision-makers, and the EP fights against this. Behind this, there is a network; this is where Soros comes into the picture,” Viktor Orbán pointed out, continuing on to say that this is the global elite that has entered the EP and wants to take power.

PM Orbán also noted that from Hungary's point of view, the root of the problem was that the EU wanted to link the budget to all kinds of complicated political aspirations. “Special thanks are due to our Polish comrades because we may have succeeded alone, but it was easier with a large country of 40 million on our side.The Czech head of state also said that the Central European states should jointly represent the Hungarian-Polish position. So, this was not a victory over other Member States, but a common European success,” he emphasized.

The prime minister also said that what just happened in the European Parliament on behalf of George Soros, with the support of the Hungarian left, was simply beyond imagination. “He does his best to harm the country wherever he can. Hungarian interests must be seriously protected, but this is not easy at all. It took great effort to prevent the many billions of euros of damage that George Soros wanted to cause to Hungary,” he added.

Touching upon the economy, PM Orbán said that on Saturday, further economic protection measures will be announced, which may take effect on January 1. “We have to reckon that we have now managed to reach a good agreement with the heads of government so that the financial issues are stable,” he said. He then added that “Disagreements on non-economic issues persisted; they want to force their position on us, so there will be more fighting.”

One such issue is migration. The EU now wants to resettle and provide housing for up to 34 million migrants, which is “an insane plan,” the PM noted. The other is the gender issue; in the West, Viktor Orbán said, they create a rule for exceptions, but the lives of hundreds cannot be adjusted for one person. In connection with this, Hungary took some important steps this week in parliament.

Finally, the prime minister said that regarding the coronavirus, he did not have any good news, aside from the fact that the numbers are not increasing. “I think we prepared well during the summer, we assessed via the National Consultation what Hungarians need. We’ve got the equipment, so I think the healthcare system will cope.

Regarding skiing, he continued to ask Hungarians to stay home. Meanwhile, on December 27 or 28, there’s a chance that the first vaccinations will take place.

“It will be a small Christmas this year. Everyone wants a big celebration, as Christmas is about family, when the family can get together. But if we have a big Christmas, we are hurting those we love, as we can take the infection to our relatives. That’s why I’m asking everyone to make do this year with a small Christmas celebration.”

Photo credit: mediaklikk.hu