PM Orbán: China is one of the pillars of our new multipolar world, it is the country that now shapes global economic and political processes

During a joint press conference with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Budapest, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán celebrated the strengthening diplomatic ties between Hungary and China. He emphasized shared economic ambitions, advanced technological collaboration, and a united stance for peace amid global uncertainties.

In his speech at a joint press conference, Prime Minister Orbán warmly welcomed President Xi Jinping to Hungary during the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations. This visit marked the first trip by a Chinese president to Hungary in two decades. The prime minister reflected on the dramatic changes that had unfolded in global politics and economics during this period, acknowledging that "twenty years ago, it was a completely different world, and we didn't imagine how much could change over two decades."

The prime minister highlighted the support that China provided to Hungary during the COVID-19 pandemic, which saved countless lives. "I personally thank President Xi for the substantial assistance you provided to us in those difficult times," he stated.

He recognized the pivotal role of the People's Republic of China in the contemporary multipolar world, describing the nation as "one of its pillars." He reiterated Hungary's steadfast commitment to the "One China" policy and a relationship based on "mutual respect," noting that "throughout history, the wheel has never turned in such a way that our two nations stood opposed."

The prime minister celebrated the progression of bilateral trade and investment since the last visit of a Chinese president. Trade between Hungary and China increased from $3 billion to $12 billion over the past two decades. He said, "In the past, one could find Chinese investments in Hungary only with a magnifying glass," whereas today, Chinese investments constitute 75% of all foreign investments and are valued at over 6.4 trillion forints ($22 billion). These investments have created tens of thousands of jobs and secure livelihoods for Hungarian families. "We compete for these investments, and we're proud to say that Hungary performs well in this competition," PM Orbán said.

Prime Minister Orbán assured Xi Jinping that Hungary remains a consistent and reliable partner by ensuring "fair and transparent conditions" for Chinese companies investing in the country. He praised the latest cooperation agreements, which expand bilateral economic engagement into strategic sectors such as electromobility, rail, IT, and nuclear energy. The prime minister acknowledged China's global leadership in many fields, stating that "there are areas where China is the best in the world today, and in some cases, it's the best by a long shot."

In particular, he emphasized that nuclear energy cooperation will tap into Hungary's 50-year expertise and strong reputation in the field. "Our plan is that by the beginning of the next decade, nuclear energy will constitute 60-70% of Hungary's energy mix," he added.

Prime Minister Orbán applauded China's willingness to participate in Hungary's economic modernization and its openness to involving Hungary in China's rapid economic growth. He further thanked President Xi for inviting Hungary to the China International Investment and Trade Exhibition in Xiamen as a guest of honor, where the nation will showcase its capabilities. He expressed deep gratitude for China's peace efforts, which align with Hungary's stance for immediate ceasefire and peace talks in the ongoing Ukraine conflict. "This conflict cannot be resolved on the battlefield; it can only be resolved at the negotiating table," the prime minister said.

The prime minister concluded his speech by thanking President Xi and the Chinese delegation for their strong support of bilateral cooperation. "It is a great honor and opportunity for Hungary that China invited us to be involved in its economy and modernization, and we value your efforts toward peace," Prime Minister Orbán stated.