PM Orbán: Christian democracy defends us from migration, it helps protect our borders and support families

“We can’t carry out the work of the next four years without inserting it into a long-term plan,” said Prime Minister Orbán this morning in his regular interview with Hungary’s public Kossuth Radio. The PM shared specific plans, touched upon the emptiness of liberal democracy, talked about an upcoming national consultation and explained how the Stop Soros package will bolster Hungary’s security.

Many misunderstood him when he said recently that he was planning until 2030, the prime minister said. This doesn’t mean, of course, that he’d remain prime minister until 2030 (although it would be a duty he’d gladly accept, he added), but the work of the new government takes a long-term perspective in which the year 2030 stands in the “foreseeable future.”

Speaking about specific policies, the prime minister said that the question of demography will feature as a top priority in his fourth government because it determines whether “there is a future for Hungary” and whether “the Hungarian nation can survive.” PM Orbán aims to transform Hungary into a demographically self-sustaining country by 2030 through the implementation of a “comprehensive family policy.” Before adopting such policy, he said, a national consultation on childbearing and child-rearing will be held. 

While “liberal democracy has been exhausted,” the prime minister said, “Christian democracy can defend us from migration, it protects our borders and supports our families.” On liberal democracy, “in theory it might still work,” he said, “but in practice, liberal democracy fails to deliver.”

On the Stop Soros legislative package and the proposed amendment to the Fundamental Law, “in order to protect Hungary from migration and illegal immigration, we need to adopt new laws,” Prime Minister Orbán said, “laws that can repel the attacks from Brussels, too.”

If the defense against migration is incorporated in the constitution, then it’s easier to adopt the remaining legislation. “This is how Stop Soros led to an amendment to the Fundamental Law,” he said.

Why does the Stop Soros legislative package mean improved security? The migrants who show up at the Hungarian-Serbian border, said the prime minister, don’t just appear from one day to another. “They are led here. Their trips are organized,” he said, and the Stop Soros package will equip Hungarian authorities with tools to regulate organizations that promote that migration.

“In Brussels they say this is a question of human rights,” he said, “but we, Hungarians say it’s a question of national security.”