PM Orbán: Europe can only be saved if she returns to her Christian identity

Through illegal migration, the prime minister said earlier today, masses of radical Islamists have come to Europe. In the not-so-distant future, this could lead to a swift change in the religious-cultural composition of the continent.

Speaking at the Second International Consultation on Christian Persecution, taking place in Budapest today through Thursday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán reminded those present that some 1,100 years ago, the first Hungarian tribes arrived in the Carpathian Basin. Though we were not the first ones, he noted, others have disappeared, while Hungarians survived.

“The taking up of Christianity was a key moment for our survival,” PM Orbán said. Similarly, the prime minister added, “Europe can only be saved if she returns to her Christian identity.”

Adopting a historical perspective on Hungary and Christianity, Prime Minister Orbán said that over the last one thousand years, Hungary has sometimes left the path of Christianity, but, in the end, always found its way back. “Our current Fundamental Law is an example of this,” the PM said.

“Hungary must protect persecuted Christians,” Orbán said, asking whether the support of a country that only makes up 0.2 percent of the world’s population is worth anything? In his view, “Taking a stand breeds courage, an example that can bear far-reaching results. Action can liberate the paralyzed and give back hope in the merits of personal action.”

But in today’s Europe, he continued, Western European, Christian politicians don’t dare to stand up because they are hampered by the media landscape and confined by the never-ending negotiations of coalition politics.

Touching upon the topic of migration, Prime Minister Orbán noted that Hungary lies on the “route of the Muslim migratory invasion” and therefore has to protect itself.

“The starting point of the Hungarian policy is that we have the right to protect our culture and way of life. We are free to do this,” PM Orbán concluded.