PM Orbán: Hungarian economy has reached its pre-pandemic performance

In his regular radio interview, Prime Minister Orbán highlighted that the economic situation will make it possible for the government to embark on measures that will affect millions of people, such as tax rebates, wages increases and the pension premium.

Regarding the pandemic situation, the prime minister said on Kossuth Rádió this morning that the current weather conditions are favorable for viruses, stressing that only vaccination can help protect people against COVID. Those who do not get vaccinated are in danger, he warned, adding that he will also be vaccinated with a third dose soon.

Commenting on the “panic” that has erupted in several Western countries over energy price rises, he said that Brussels wishes to achieve its climate protection goals by deliberately raising energy prices, and Hungary, together with the Czech Republic and Poland are protesting against this. The price of utilities has been a significant political issue in Hungary for the past 20 years, as it can seriously afflict Hungarian families, he said. The PM added that low energy prices should be maintained and that the EU summit in two weeks' time will put the issue of energy prices back on the agenda.

Regarding the economy, the prime minister said it has reached its pre-pandemic performance, thanks to the Hungarian people. The Gyurcsány-Bajnai governments went in the wrong direction, making it easier to live off of benefits, so the economy declined, he said, stressing that only positive economic performance will allow for tax rebates or wage increases. Now, the economic situation allows for 1.9 million parents to get back the income taxes they paid in 2021, pensioners will receive a premium, and the PIT-exemption of those under 25 will impact one million youngsters. In addition, a wage increase for nurses, nursery school employees and employees of cultural institutions is within sight, he said.

PM Orbán reiterated that the Hungarian economy is in good shape, but that we are on thin ice because of the high public debt. We managed to bring it down several times under previous Orbán governments, but because of the pandemic, it is back in the 75–80 percent range, whereas the goal would be to get it back to 50 percent, he said.

On the delayed payment of the Brussels recovery funds, the prime minister said the EU is creating unequal conditions among Member States and that Hungary is being discriminated against by the LGBTQ lobby. The EU is abusing its power, but we will not let sexual propagandists take over the education of our children, he said. He added that Hungary will receive these funds sooner or later, while the strong Hungarian economy allows the state to initiate reforms now.

Regarding the fact that Katalin Karikó was not awarded the Nobel Prize, Prime Minister Orbán said “she is still our hero” because she has saved the lives of millions. He concluded by saying that our young skilled workers have achieved great success in what has been an international competition, and Hungary’s future depends not only on our Nobel Prize winners, but on these workers as well.