PM Orbán: If we defeat the third wave, we may begin the reopening

Speaking on public radio this morning, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán confirmed that the third wave of the coronavirus has arrived in Hungary, commended the country’s healthcare system for being “exceptionally strong,” urged Hungarians to sign up for the vaccine and talked about the V4 cooperation.


“We are in a very dangerous moment,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said, kicking off his regular Friday morning interview on Kossuth Rádió. He added that no matter the challenge, the Hungarian healthcare system will be up for it. According to the prime minister, if 20,000 people would have to be hospitalized from one day to the next, Hungary would be ready for it.

Presenting the details of Hungary’s vaccination plan, Prime Minister Orbán said that in the next phase of the inoculation program, Hungary will vaccinate more than 600,000 people in the next 15 days. “By early April, we will have vaccinated 2,582,000 Hungarians,” the prime minister said, urging Hungarians to sign up to get vaccinated.

“Right now, it is Hungary that has the largest amount of available vaccines [per capita, in comparison with other EU member states],” PM Orbán said.

Sharing the participation numbers from the first day of the national consultation, Prime Minister Orbán revealed that more than 120,000 have already filled out the online survey. “If we defeat the third wave of the virus, we may begin the reopening,” the PM said, adding that the national consultation is a “good tradition” of Hungarian politics that creates “multiple points of agreement in society.”

Marking the 30th anniversary of the Visegrád Four cooperation, Prime Minister Orbán said it is a fundamental Hungarian economic interest to connect Hungary’s economy to the Polish economy “with as many ties as possible.” According to the prime minister, “these ties are conducive to Central European success.”