PM Orbán in inaugural address: ‘Rather than fix a liberal democracy that has run aground, we will build a 21st Century Christian democracy’

“Hungary is ready to take on a big challenge” as “the stars above Hungary shine brighter than ever,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in his inaugural address this afternoon, a speech that touched on the future of Hungary and the European Union and taking on the impossible.

Following the vote by the National Assembly that elected him prime minister of Hungary for a fourth term, Viktor Orbán said that while his government is based on a two-thirds parliamentary majority, it “will serve the three-thirds” as “the homeland can’t be opposed to itself. It stands way above party politics.”

Though the scales would be in balance at the end of his current term, by spending 16 years in opposition and 16 in government, Prime Minister Orbán said that “sportsmen don’t compromise with a draw.” One should plan for ten or twelve years, rather than four. His goal is that by 2030 Hungary should rank among the top five EU countries in terms of best places to live and work. Adding with his characteristic national pride, he said that “there isn’t anything more beautiful, secure, ancient and protected than our Carpathian basin.”

“Hungary is ready to take on a big challenge,” he said, speaking about the coming four years, “now we will be hunting for big game” as “the stars above Hungary shine brighter than ever.”

“With the third consecutive, two-thirds majority in our pocket, we should aim at the impossible because anyone can achieve the possible,” said the prime minister. 

“We need to say it out loud because you can’t reform a nation in secrecy: the era of liberal democracy is over,” and instead “we want Christian democracy because we are Christian democrats,” he said. “Rather than try to fix a liberal democracy that has run aground, we will build

“a 21st Century Christian democracy which guarantees human dignity, freedom and security, protects the equal rights of men and women, the model of the traditional family, puts the brakes on anti-Semitism, protects our Christian culture, and provides opportunity for the maintenance and development of our nation.”

The PM proposed that the next government will focus on – among other things – demography, infrastructural developments (such as highways, roads, the expansion of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant), wage increases, investments, healthcare, military and the development of Budapest as the nation’s capital.

On the European Union and the region, Prime Minister Orbán said in his speech that he aims to convince neighboring countries to transform the Carpathian basin together into Europe’s most secure and fastest developing region. “We’ll represent our firm belief that the European Union must function as the alliance of sovereign nation states,” he said, adding that “we need Europe as much as it needs us.”

“I will perform all my duties with respect to the interest of Hungary and the Hungarian people and in accordance with Christian values,” Prime Minister Orbán said in closing.