PM Orbán in M1 interview: Donald Trump is a President of peace

In an exclusive interview with Hungarian public TV channel M1 this evening, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán offered a detailed account of his views on domestic and international issues, focusing on the presidential appointment of Tamás Sulyok, relations with the United States, particularly under Donald Trump's potential leadership, and Hungary's approach to security and economic growth.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressed strong support for Hungary’s freshly appointed President, Tamás Sulyok, emphasizing his qualities of stability and the ability to convey calm, especially following the departure of the previous president due to a controversy. "Tamás Sulyok embodies the presidential qualities that can most serve Hungary's interest in these times: stability, calm, predictability, and recognition, coupled with unquestionable preparedness, expertise, and authority," PM Orbán elaborated.

He pointed out that the familiarity of Tamás Sulyok with the public and his deep religious convictions were significant factors in his selection, indicating a presidency grounded in service rather than personal ambition. "He sees his presidency as a duty, not a vanity project, serving with every cell of his being, committed as a person of faith," the prime minister said.

Discussing international relations, PM Orbán said that Donald Trump was the "president of peace," lauding his proactive efforts to conclude wars and his strategy for peace in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. PM Orbán criticized the pro-war stance of the current U.S. administration, highlighting a misalignment with Hungary's peace-oriented approach. He detailed his U.S. visit, aimed at rectifying strained Hungarian-American relations, which have deteriorated under the Biden administration. "The main reason for my visit was an invitation from Donald Trump, a president under whom no new wars were initiated, showcasing a clear path to peace," Orbán stated. He expressed skepticism about the prospects of improving relations under the current U.S. administration, stressing the divergent paths of a war-centric U.S. government and Hungary's peace advocacy.

PM Orbán said that Hungary's status as a secure nation is renowned in the United States, attributing this to effective border control and a steadfast stance on migration. "Our security measures, including the fence guarded by police and military, have made us the most secure country in Europe, a model even the United States wants to emulate amid their own migration challenges," he explained. The prime minister also touched on the respect Hungary commands in the U.S. for its commitment to family values in contrast to the prevailing focus on LGBT rights in Western Europe. "We stand firm on family values while others are distracted by the LGBT madness," he stated, highlighting the cultural and policy divergences between Hungary and much of Western Europe.

PM Orbán also addressed economic relations with the U.S., underlining the potential benefits of increased trade and investment, particularly in the context of a friendly and aligned U.S. administration. He cited significant American investments in Hungary and the mutual economic benefits as a cornerstone for potential growth. "Doubling the current trade volume of 9 billion euros would greatly benefit the Hungarian economy, especially under an administration that views Hungary as a key economic and investment partner," PM Orbán suggested. He lamented the obstacles posed by the current U.S. government's policies, indicating a preference for the economic policies of Trump's administration, which he sees as more conducive to Hungarian interests.