PM Orbán: No migration, no gender, no war!

In a speech at Fidesz's national campaign kickoff in Budapest, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered a firm declaration against migration, gender ideologies, and war, encapsulating his vision for Hungary's future and its role in Europe.


"Without Hungary, without the Hungarian people, there is no freedom in Europe," Prime Minister Orbán asserted, setting a defiant tone against what he perceives as the encroaching dangers from the European Union's policies. At the event, which also featured speeches by leading Fidesz members, PM Orbán emphasized the necessity of fighting to protect Hungarian peace, security, and economic achievements from the ideological battles being waged in Brussels.

"We have been winning every European election for 20 years. We are Hungary and Europe's most successful political community," he stated, expressing his intent not only to continue these victories but to do so with humility. "Without humility, there is no victory," he said.

Highlighting the disconnect between his administration's priorities and those of the opposition, PM Orbán criticized his adversaries for losing their integrity and forgetting humility, which has resulted in their inability to win the trust of the people for over a decade. "Election victories are a tool to serve the people, and that is what we have been doing as a governing party for 14 years," he said.

Prime Minister Orbán also recapped his government's achievements in economic recovery, employment, and social policies that starkly contrast with the previous administrations. "We are the ones who revived the Hungarian economy, which the Gyurcsány-led left had bankrupted. Today, a million more people are employed in Hungary. We are the ones who provided jobs to the Roma, who are now valued citizens of Hungary."

Addressing the current geopolitical tensions, the prime minister outlined the threats to Europe's stability, particularly pointing to the EU's faltering leadership. "We are witnessing the decline of the strong, peaceful, free, and happy Europe we longed for all our lives under communism. Let's not mince words, there is big trouble in Brussels."

Prime Minister Orbán's speech was especially poignant on the issues of migration and military engagement. Reflecting on George Soros's influence, he reiterated his opposition to the EU's migration policies, which he claimed are aligned with Soros's plan to manage rather than stop migration. "No one can dictate to Hungarians with whom they can live," PM Orbán firmly stated.

As for the military conflicts affecting Europe, the prime minister voiced his stern opposition to NATO's progressive involvement in the Ukraine conflict. "This is a whirlpool of war that could drag Europe into the abyss. Brussels is playing with fire, what they are doing is sheer folly," he said.

"We do not want war, and we do not want Hungary to become a plaything of great powers again. That is why we must stand for peace. At home, in Brussels, in Washington, at the UN, and at NATO, I suggest that we make a clear commitment. As long as there is a national government, Hungary will not enter the Russian-Ukrainian war on anyone's side," he concluded.

The campaign kickoff was not just a display of political strength but a clear message to Brussels: "We need to take over Brussels, push aside the bureaucrats, and take matters into our own hands. If we don't, not just Europe, but we Hungarians will pay a heavy price for the incompetence and impotence of Brussels' leaders."