PM Orbán on migration: “The high tide is coming”

While the outcome of recent elections and sources of political instability in Europe figured prominently in Prime Minister Orbán’s interview this morning on Kossuth Radio, he also warned about the coming “high tide” of migration and touched on Hungary’s budget for next year as well as the planned amendment to the Fundamental Law

Results of recent elections in Europe indicate, he said, that “the strong boys have appeared in European politics.” Soon, the prime minister added, the liberal European elites will realize that Hungary is a “well-behaved kid” compared to these new political forces. Clearly, these trends bear a message for next year’s European Parliamentary elections. 

“The root cause of current political problems,” said Prime Minister Orbán, “is that what the politicians want and the politicians would do is not what the people want and the people would do. This is why there is political stability in Hungary while there’s instability in many other places.”

On the migration issue, the prime minister warned that the Western Balkans migration route would continue to challenge stability in the region. “A high tide [of migration] is coming,” he said, adding that it’s in Hungary’s interest that “everything goes well in the south.” 

“If the Serbians need any assistance in handling migration,” he said, “then we’ll give all the help we can.”

Turning to Hungary’s budget for next year, the prime minister explained the driving principles behind the fiscal plan.

“I hail from an old-fashioned family where I was taught never to spend more than what we have,” the prime minister said, adding that for 2019 they have drawn up a “massive and earthquake-proof” budget.

“Although it isn’t raining yet, there is no thunderstorm or hurricane, but the clouds are gathering,” he said, referring to the current state of the global economy. Prudence advises caution and this is why he explicitly asked Finance Minister Mihály Varga to draft a budget that could shore up Hungary even in the event of an economic crisis.

But even signs of an international crisis, said the prime minister, “will not prevent us from achieving our goals” that prioritize security, economic development, family support and lower unemployment.

“Hungary comes first” is the name given to the legislative initiative to amend the Fundamental Law and the Criminal Code. [W]e’ll affirm the protection of the Hungarian identity” and that EU regulations may only be applied as long as they don’t undermine Hungarian identity.  

Towards the end of his interview, PM Orbán hinted that the government will start a “revision of the constitution” to see what else should be improved. Starting in September, the process is expected to run for up to a year and a half.