PM Orbán: Peace would make Europe successful, but peace will only come about if someone makes it happen

During his interview on Kossuth Rádio, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán emphasized that achieving peace requires active effort and dialogue, urging Europe to take proactive steps for stability and prosperity.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán emphasized that peace would be the cornerstone of Hungary's EU presidency during his "Good Morning, Hungary!" interview. He underscored the importance of dialogue, especially in the context of the ongoing war in Ukraine, stating that without dialogue, moving towards peace would be incredibly challenging.

Reflecting on his recent meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, PM Orbán remarked that Europe should do more to promote peace, as it will not come about on its own.

The prime minister highlighted the moral pressure on European citizens who traditionally see Europe as a bastion of peace. He expressed concern that Europe relies too heavily on the United States to foster peace and that Europeans are increasingly worried about the economic impact of the war. The prime minister further questioned how economic growth could be sustained if financial resources are being continuously directed to the frontlines.

PM Orbán added that achieving peace is not only the morally correct path but would also contribute to Europe's success.

Discussing the formation of the Patriots for Europe, a new EU parliamentary group, Prime Minister Orbán announced that the founding meeting would take place soon. He expressed confidence in the group's potential, noting that it includes major parties from Italy, the Netherlands, and Austria. PM Orbán pointed out that several European governments have faced difficulties, with France and Belgium experiencing significant political upheaval. He suggested that the Patriots for Europe group could become a formidable force in the European Parliament.

On the economic front, PM Orbán warned of the looming threat of a trade war, particularly concerning the European Commission's decision to impose tariffs on Chinese goods. He criticized the decision, stating that it ostensibly protects European car manufacturers, but in reality, it harms them. He expressed concern that such actions could lead to retaliatory measures from Eastern nations, pushing Europe towards a trade war, which would have severe repercussions for Hungary, potentially impacting the export of Hungarian goods.

The prime minister also addressed issues in air travel, highlighting frequent delays and poor treatment of passengers at airports. He deemed the situation intolerable and expressed hope that conditions would improve once Hungary takes over the management of its airport. PM Orbán also predicted a record year for tourism, a crucial economic sector for Hungary.

Regarding fuel prices, the prime minister stated that Hungarians should not pay more than the regional average for gasoline. He warned fuel traders to adhere to this standard or face government action, reinforcing his commitment to protecting Hungarian consumers.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's interview underscored the key objectives of Hungary's EU presidency: fostering peace, enhancing competitiveness, and addressing economic and social challenges. His remarks highlighted Hungary's proactive stance on migration, economic stability, and the importance of maintaining national sovereignty and cultural identity within the broader European context. As Hungary holds the EU’s rotating presidency, PM Orbán's vision emphasizes a balanced approach to security, economic growth, and preserving Europe's diverse heritage.