PM Orbán: Proponents of tying financial matters to political questions will “ruin several EU countries”

“We will stick to the position we took in the summer: EU countries with high debt-to-GDP ratio will find themselves in big trouble. The second wave of the coronavirus won’t go easy on them,” PM Orbán said in an interview with Kossuth Rádió this morning. Besides EU affairs, the PM talked about George Soros and his influence on European politics, the coronavirus vaccine and the potential coronavirus situation in Hungary during Christmas.


“I do not want to compromise, but I’m all about finding a solution,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said this morning on Kossuth Rádió about Hungary’s (and Poland’s) conflict with the EU’s pro-migration, liberal majority over tying financial matters to political issues.

“We must provide the necessary funds to countries in trouble as soon as possible; we must begin the next seven-year EU budget,” PM Orbán said. He added that the consent of Central European countries “cannot be bought, as the history of Central Europe has always been about staying our course when it comes to sovereignty.”

According to PM Orbán, those who insist on tying financial matters to political questions will “ruin several EU countries,” as “EU countries with high debt-to-GDP ratios will find themselves in big trouble.” Even though the “European Parliament has somehow convinced the German presidency to link crisis management to politics,” Hungary “will stick to the position we took in the summer.”

Responding to George Soros’ recent article on Project Syndicate, in which he instructs Europe’s liberals to blackmail Hungary for access to common funds, and to the fact that the left-liberal outlet refused to publish the prime minister’s letter of reply, PM Orbán said that “George Soros should not have a decisive, or any kind of influence, over European political affairs. He already wrote about this in 2015 and 2016, that those who do not let immigrants in, must be punished.”

On migration, the Hungarian prime minister asserted that right now in Hungary, it’s not about trying to find a way to coexist with people who are different from us but trying to avoid having to live together with them at all. “Hungary belongs to the Hungarians,” the PM said, adding that “it would be better if Europe still belonged to Europeans.”

“Let’s not make a Western European country out of Hungary, let’s not let migrants in, and let’s not convert to multiculti.”

Speaking about the next steps related to handling the coronavirus pandemic, PM Orbán said that registration for the vaccine will kick off next week so that authorities can properly assess how many people intend to get vaccinated. The prime minister pointed out that while we are closing in on 10,000 hospital beds occupied by COVID-19 patients, Hungary still has one and a half times this many available.

“Don’t book any accommodation; you won’t be able to redeem them,” PM Orbán said, referring to the ski season that’s about to begin. “You can be sure that no one can go abroad to ski without severe quarantine consequences,” he concluded.

Whether or not Hungarians will be able to have a “normal Christmas,” the prime minister said, we will be able to say in 8 to 10 days.