PM Orbán: the EU also has an interest in a strategic partnership with Moldova

“It is in the interest of the European Union as a whole to establish strategic partnerships with countries on its eastern borders, including Moldova, and to keep EU membership and economic cooperation open,” said PM Orbán at a joint press conference with Ion Chicu, the Moldovan Prime Minister.

During an official visit to Moldova, PM Orbán held talks with Moldova’s prime minister as well as its president and parliamentary speaker. At the joint press conference of the two prime ministers, Viktor Orbán called Hungarian-Moldovan relations good and dynamic, emphasizing that Hungary will continue to be a committed supporter of Moldova's EU integration.

“It is not easy to enforce national interests within the Union,” PM Orbán said, adding, “But it is worth it; with all of its difficulties, it is still better to be a part of [the EU] than not.” The PM suggested that his Moldovan counterpart pursue a deeper cooperation with the European Union, which Hungary would be happy to help.

Before making their statements, the prime ministers signed a strategic partnership agreement between the two countries. “The agreement includes diplomatic cooperation, whereby Hungary will share its experience of EU integration with Moldova, as well as economic elements,” Viktor Orbán stated, adding that “a $100 million credit line has been opened to facilitate mutual economic activity.”

Ion Chicu said that Viktor Orban's visit to Chișinău gives a new impetus to the development of the partnership between the two countries. The Moldovan Prime Minister thanked Hungary for its support of his country’s modernization and reforms and also expressed gratitude for various Hungarian projects in Moldova. Regarding the signed strategic agreement, he said, “The agreement’s main purpose is to deepen and broaden bilateral relations and to support the Moldovan Euro-Atlantic integration process.”