PM Orbán: The EU will not fix itself. We will have to help get it back on the right path

Speaking at the Hungarian Independence Day conference earlier today, Prime Minister Orbán laid out seven key tenets with which Hungary will contribute to the ongoing debate about the future of the European Union.

“The European Union will not fix itself, we will have to help get it back on the right path,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán began his address at the conference in downtown Budapest. According to the prime minister, “democrats with a national mindset,” like him, will have to take up the fight against those who wish to create a European empire.

In the prime minister’s view, it is worth considering that today there is not a single EU city among the top 10 global financial centers, and none of the 20 largest firms founded in the last 25 years are European. “While the European Union produced 25 percent of global GDP in 2008, this figure in 2019 stood at 18 percent,” the PM said, adding that these are some of the most important reasons why the EU must rethink its future.

We are on the way toward an imperialistic European Union, PM Orbán said, adding that EU officials are building a European “super state,” something that nobody authorized them to do. “The construction of a Brussels empire will inevitably lead to a lack of democracy,” PM Orbán said.

“Brussels is led by people who believe that integration is an end in itself,” PM Orbán said, adding that this is why “our political opponents” attack families, nations, Christians and Jewish communities. According to PM Orbán, the European Commission has become a political body and began producing rule of law reports with the help of NGOs that belong to George Soros’s network. It is based on these reports that Brussels punishes democratically elected governments “it does not like.”

“Without common economic success, the EU will fall apart,” the PM observed; he further proposed that only those policies should be adopted that lay the groundwork for joint economic growth. “Instead of doing this, Brussels is abusing its power,” the PM said.

According to the prime minister, the next phase in the history of Europe will be dominated by epidemics and migration. The EU must remain successful even in these difficult times, and “the EU can only be successful if we restore democracy,” PM Orbán said.

Listing Hungary’s additional priorities regarding the future of the EU, PM Orbán said that a new institution should be established with the participation of member states’ constitutional courts. As the sixth tenet, he proposed that only national parliaments should be allowed to nominate representatives to the European Parliament and that the EP must not violate the competencies of national parliaments.

In conclusion, presenting his last tenet, PM Orbán said that “Serbia must be admitted to the European Union.”