PM Orbán: The war is getting more serious than ever

“At the end of the day, the supporters of peace will be right. It was morally right to vote for peace,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Kossuth Radio's program “Good morning, Hungary.” He said that it is in Hungary's interest to have a pro-peace leader at the head of the United States, but the Soros empire is attacking Donald Trump with full force. He also said that a new action plan for economic protection is being prepared.

"The organizations and leaders responsible for Hungary's security must be constantly on the alert," PM Orbán told Kossuth Radio this morning. According to the prime minister, the war situation is more serious than ever, and Europe is still in a state of war psychosis. At Hungary’s Defense Council meeting earlier this week, the prime minister said that specific tasks had been given to the ministers of defense and the interior.

PM Orbán said that the Hungarian position was that there was no solution to this war on the battlefield; therefore, diplomacy should be used and peace talks should begin. According to the prime minister, if there is a ceasefire, then inflation might also disappear.

NATO has been cautious so far, the prime minister said, and the positions of NATO and Hungarian diplomacy are in line.

“Was the military strategy chosen by the West at the beginning of the war — that the Russians could be defeated militarily by Ukrainian soldiers fighting and the West sending weapons — a sensible one?” PM Orbán asked, adding that this was obviously a flawed military concept.

Touching upon other aspects of the war, the prime minister said that there are always speculators when there is a war, and George Soros is a speculator. He pointed out that, in the end, the supporters of peace will be right and that we were morally right to vote for peace. The prime minister said that in a few months' time, this could be the norm in the West. It is in Hungary's interest to have a pro-peace leader at the head of the United States, but the Soros empire is attacking Donald Trump furiously, he added.

Prime Minister Orbán said that the government had made a clear commitment in a very difficult situation. "We are going to bring down inflation, and that is why we have introduced a number of important decisions," the prime minister said. While it is “not easy” to foresee economic developments five to six months ahead, he said that we must prepare a budget where we can protect families, pensioners and jobs.

In his view, in times of war, it helps the country if citizens keep their savings in treasury bills or government bonds. That is why people are encouraged to choose government bonds instead of bank savings, he said, adding that the tax on savings is intended to be a temporary solution.

Regarding the increase in the excise duty on gasoline, the PM said it was a "pain in the neck,"but since we are members of the EU, there is a range of economic measures that the Brussels bureaucrats have control over and they have decided that the excise duty on petrol should be increased.

This is also the case for another group of products, packaging and glass, so the waste management charge will also increase. “At a time of war inflation, it is a grave mistake to burden member states with bad decisions from Brussels," he added.

PM Orbán revealed that the government had prepared an economic protection action plan to counteract the bad decisions made in Brussels and that they would try to give the economy new momentum.

On the re-introduction of migrant quotas, he said that Hungary and Poland voted against the measure. “Several countries have indicated that they do not agree and do not want to implement it,” he added.

“So far, the public debate has shifted to border protection, but now a decision has been taken on a mandatory quota, and Brussels is telling us how many migrants to distribute,” the PM said. With the decision on a mandatory migrant quota, the Soros empire has struck back, PM Orbán said.

The prime minister is looking for ways to ensure that this rule is not implemented. Instead of accepting that border protection has a cost and sharing the burden, we are being punished. According to Prime Minister Orbán, the Soros empire is organizing migration, and migrants are becoming more aggressive because they have been given an open invitation with the quota.

“In the summer, we will have to fight back a major migrant onslaught,” he warned.