PM Orbán: This Sunday’s EP elections give us a chance to stop the war

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán emphasized the critical importance of the upcoming European Parliament elections in potentially halting the ongoing war, urging voters to support peace and resist escalating conflict.

In this morning’s interview on Kossuth Radio’s "Good Morning, Hungary!" program, PM Orbán highlighted the escalating conflict and the shrinking window of opportunity to reverse course. Expressing his grave concern about the current trajectory of the conflict, he said: "We are nearing the end of our possibilities; every war reaches a point of no return, and we are dangerously close to that point.”

Reflecting on the spread of the conflict, PM Orbán noted, "We failed to isolate this regional conflict, and now the Ukrainian war is appearing everywhere. Each day, hope diminishes." He said that this weekend presents a critical opportunity for peace. "We have a chance to move closer to containing the war and must survive the coming months until the U.S. presidential election," he added. "We can then form a transatlantic peace coalition to stop the war."

PM Orbán observed a pervasive war psychosis in Europe, leading to what he sees as an inevitable deployment of Western European troops to Ukraine. He criticized the Hungarian left for their ambivalence, stating, "The Hungarian people are peace-loving, but those who fund the left want war."

The prime minister warned against attempts to silence peace advocates, saying, "Every Western step is met with a Russian response, expanding the conflict. We are on the brink of losing the chance to turn back."

He reiterated Hungary's steadfast commitment to peace, regardless of the election results. "Our government members swear an oath to the Hungarian constitution, and we will hold our peace stance as long as possible," he affirmed. "If we are strengthened, we can hold out longer; if not, we will see how long we can last."

Highlighting Hungary's resilience, PM Orbán credited the country's defensive measures built up despite pressure from Brussels and Washington during the migration crisis. "The greatest strength against intrusion attempts is stable governance," he asserted.

PM Orbán also addressed the economic toll of the war. "The current prices in stores are not peace-time prices," he remarked, highlighting the financial strain on Hungary. He criticized the financial burdens imposed by the EU and NATO, stating, "We have to constantly pay into the EU's coffers, with funds going to Ukraine. NATO also demands contributions."

The prime minister warned that prolonged war benefits no country, not even the victors.

Discussing the recent reacquisition of Budapest Airport, he pointed out its significance in increasing national wealth and hinted at future partnerships with French and potentially Qatari companies.

PM Orbán concluded with a call to action, urging voters to support peace in the upcoming elections. "This is not about how long the prime minister can hold out, but what the people say," he emphasized. "We have already lost much due to this war. A prolonged conflict harms everyone, and we must seize this chance to stop it."