PM Orbán to Italian PM: ‘If necessary, we will take over protection of certain sections of the Italian border’

Ruling party Fidesz held its annual congress today, the 28th since the party’s establishment. In his address following his re-election as president of the party, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán highlighted the goals that Fidesz has achieved over the course of three decades, including the creation of a “new and working model of state theory, a Christian Democratic state.” Regarding the EU’s latest ideas for responding to the migration challenge, the PM made an offer to Italy to help in protecting the EU border.

“We are Hungary’s oldest party with the deepest traditions,” said the prime minster, thanking members after his re-election. He added, “I will fulfill both my duties as party president and prime minister.”

“With 30 years of work, we have created a new and working model of state theory, a Christian Democratic state” that is based on Christian democracy, not liberal democracy. PM Orbán then went on to enumerate the numerous goals achieved by the party, touching upon the economic, political, and social achievements of the last decade.

“We, Hungarians are prepared to face the challenges of the next decade,” the prime minister said. Today with record-low public debt, almost full employment, a doubled minimum wage, regained economic independence, and an exemplary Family Protection Action Plan, Hungary is now also ready to tackle poverty and to overcome the difficulties faced by the Hungarian Roma population.

“We will be the party that can say about itself that it has eradicated poverty in Hungary,” he said.

Shifting to the European level, the prime minister drew attention to the fact that the fight for the country’s sovereignty has reached its final stage, stating that an agreement should be reached between the two sides of Europe in line with Hungarian interests.

“We are and we will remain a member of the European Union,” said the prime minister, “but we don’t want a Brussels empire, but a union of European nations…we want to remain who we are, a proud European nation that has sprouted from Christian culture.”

The eastern and western parts of the EU respect different values and virtues, he said, but coexistence can still be achieved. There are clear conditions for such coexistence, so it must be accepted that Hungary has the right to organize our lives along the principles of Christian freedom. “We hope that the new President of the [European] Commission will cope with her enormous task. She can count on us,” he said.

The prime minister also emphasized that Hungary doesn’t want the EU to support activists representing the Soros network, arguing that the EU budget is not designed to train and finance political activists. And with the political tricks currently being played and the stream of inaccurate and biased news continuously flowing from mainstream media, a cooperation between East and West cannot be maintained.

The prime minister stated that within the framework of an East-West cooperation, Hungary is ready to help as well. Taking aim at the Italian PM, PM Orbán said, “Dear Prime Minister Conte, if it’s needed, we are willing to take over the protection of certain sections of the Italian border.” He then added, “we will undertake the repatriation of a significant number of migrants in Italy to wherever they came from.”

PM Orbán said in his speech that Hungary had reached its present state of continued success via two system changes. After the regime change in 1989, Hungarians accomplished yet another (constitutional and Christian) change in its political system in 2010, which originated from the Fundamental Law of Hungary, the biggest achievement in the history of Fidesz.

Viktor Orbán spoke about this second system change at the congress, noting that “instead of liberal freedom, it was arranged in the spirit of Christian freedom,” which involves patriotism instead of global citizenship and internationalism; border protection instead of migration; Hungarian children instead of illegal migrants; Christian culture instead of the haze of multiculturalism; and safety instead of terrorism and violence.

With the motto “For us Hungary comes first!,” the annual congress saw a number of other key, Fidesz leaders speak, including MEP Tamás Deutsch, State Secretary Katalin Novák, FM Péter Szijjártó as well as KDNP President and Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén.

Photo credit: Népszava