PM Orbán: "Today marks an irrevocable opportunity to replace the declining global spirit with a world order that promotes sovereignty"

At CPAC Hungary, PM Orbán urged for a “sovereigntist” world order, critiquing the failures of liberal leaders and outlining a vision for a world driven by national interests.

At this year's CPAC Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered a powerful address, calling for the replacement of the declining globalist liberal order with one that encourages sovereignty. The event, held in Budapest, attracted some of the world’s most renowned conservative leaders, researchers, and influencers.

"Today marks an irrevocable opportunity to replace the declining global spirit with a world order that promotes sovereignty," declared Prime Minister Orbán. He critiqued the liberal world for producing leaders who are prone to errors and unfit for leadership, charging headlong into their demise.

"If God wills it, this year can mark the end of a disgraceful chapter in Western civilization. Progressive liberals have brought war, chaos, and unrest into our world and onto our streets, deteriorating public safety," he added.

During his speech, Prime Minister Orbán outlined five methods liberals use to cling to power and continue their destructive path:

1. Redefining normalcy: "Today’s progressives define war as peace; they see migration as a resource, despite the increase in crime, terror threats, and chaos."

2. Enforcing twisted norms with state tools: "Those who disagree are branded insane or abnormal."

3. Spreading fear about opponents: "They label opposing views as dangerous, turning them into a national security threat."

4. Weaponizing the liberal media: "Activists and legal systems are marshaled to silence opposition, bolstered by anonymous profiles and official complaints."

5. Mobilizing state machinery: "If you persist, state apparatuses will investigate you, turning progressive institutions into mechanisms of silence."

"The enemies sit at the helms of institutions, destroying instead of using them for the common good. This is nothing new for us in Central Europe, though it may be for the West," PM Orbán explained.

PM Orbán emphasized the strangeness of the times, where the world is divided into democracies and autocracies, with liberals insisting they are combating the latter. Yet, he suggested, people have grown tired of them wherever they have gained influence.

"This world has produced leaders who are not fit for leadership, piling up errors and running towards their own destruction," the prime minister noted, comparing them unfavorably even to beauty pageant contestants, who he said have a better grasp of world peace.

"It’s a one-time opportunity to replace the declining global spirit with a world order that promotes sovereignty. What would this look like?" he asked. In his vision, a “sovereigntist” world order would not be driven by global ideologies but by national ones where the real sovereign is the people.

"No longer would NGOs or dubious experts dictate what’s right, but rather politicians elected by the people. The state’s duty is to protect its citizens, safeguard borders, and uphold the value of family formation,” Prime Minister Orbán said.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán highlighted Hungary's distinct and influential position in international politics, which he asserted is disproportionate to its size, economy, or geographical influence.

According to PM Orbán, despite not being justified by its physical or economic stature—especially from the perspectives of global power centers like Brussels, Beijing, or Moscow—Hungary has carved out a significant reputation on the world stage. He attributed this prominence to Hungary’s steadfast commitment to its sovereignty and its unwavering stance on key issues.

Over the years, while a progressive wave has swept across Europe, Hungary has remained a conservative stronghold, resisting liberal currents, bureaucratic dictates from Brussels, and external pressures.

This resilience has not only allowed Hungary to survive but to thrive and succeed repeatedly, presenting itself as a beacon of conservative values in a sea of liberal governance.

Concluding his speech, Prime Minister Orbán called upon the attendees to "let the era of sovereigntists begin! To the battlefield, let the electoral fight commence!" He portrayed a world free of liberal hegemony as better and safer, urging conservatives to seize the moment to instigate change both in Hungary and around the world.