PM Orbán: Two elections were held today, we won both of them

Speaking late into the night, he highlighted the nation's democratic engagement, the election results, and the government's steadfast commitment to peace and national sovereignty.

"We are not waiting any longer. Good evening, everyone!" PM Orbán began. Despite the incomplete final results for the Budapest mayoral election, he chose to address those still awake. "Democracy in Hungary is alive and well," he affirmed, noting the record-breaking 57% voter turnout.

PM Orbán expressed his gratitude to Hungarian voters and celebrated the election victories. "Today, we held two elections, and we won both," he stated, emphasizing the challenging context of these wins amid ongoing conflicts. He noted that the Fidesz-KDNP coalition secured victories in all twenty county assemblies, winning back four county-level cities while only losing three.

Addressing the situation in Budapest, PM Orbán acknowledged the ongoing vote count but praised Alexandra Szentkirályi for her strategic decision to step down. "The only chance to remove the current mayor was the decision Alexandra made," he said, hopeful for a favorable final result. He added that the Fidesz-KDNP alliance had balanced the scales by losing and regaining one district each in Budapest.

"The political message of today's European Parliament election is clear: the people of Hungary want peace," PM Orbán declared. He underscored the public's preference for peace over war and reiterated his government's commitment to keeping Hungary out of the conflict. "With this mandate, our government will fight with renewed vigor to keep Hungary out of the war," he promised.

Summarizing the election results, PM Orbán sent a clear message to Brussels: "Stop migration, stop gender, stop war, stop Soros, stop Brussels." He emphasized the moral equilibrium in the world, noting that those who work against their homeland in Brussels will be punished by the Hungarian electorate.

PM Orbán extended his gratitude to the Fidesz and KDNP activists for their tireless efforts, particularly highlighting the "Day of One Million Encounters" as a historic record. "Today, we defeated the old opposition and the new opposition. No matter who the opposition is, we will always defeat them," he asserted confidently.

"God above all, Hungary above all! Go Hungary! Go Hungarians!" he cheered, rallying supporters for continued efforts and future victories.