PM Orbán: “We have built a Christian democratic state” and “we are a majority among the people”

“In Hungary, in recent years, we have developed a new model of political and state theory, and a Christian-democratic state has been built,” said Prime Minister Orbán, addressing an event organized by Fratelli d’Italia in Rome, adding that proof of the model’s success is demonstrated in three parliamentary election victories that delivered a two-thirds majority.

This model, the prime minister said, is based on three pillars: family, nation, and Christian freedom, adding that “in Hungary and here in Italy, people with a mindset similar to ours, we are a minority in the European political elite, but we are a majority among the people.”

On the question of migration, “Hungary is ready to help Italy in whatever it can,” the prime minister said. “[W]e can help protect your borders, once you finally dedicate yourself to it. And if you are committed to take the migrants back who are already here, we can help to do that, too,” he said.

“There are issues in which we cannot help,” said Prime Minister Orbán in a blunt response to his counterpart, Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, who said at the event that the Visegrád countries are not helping Italy in migration policy. “We cannot help take migrants to Hungary from anywhere. This is impossible,” said Orbán.

“[A]ccording to several Western European leaders, if different masses are allowed into the Christian majority, a new society will emerge from the confusion and a higher quality society will be born,” said the prime minister, but eastern Europe has a different opinion on this. “In our view, it wouldn’t be an integration. We wouldn’t live together but only side by side.”