PM Orbán: We must achieve a breakthrough in Brussels

In a fervent speech at the Fidesz party congress, PM Orbán criticized the EU's current trajectory, advocating for a "no" to Brussels' unsustainable model and emphasizing Hungary's resilience and sovereign future.

In today’s speech at the Fidesz party congress, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán presented a strong narrative of national resilience and sovereignty, highlighting his administration's successes and outlining future plans. He emphasized his commitment to leading Hungary and Europe's most successful political community, Fidesz, and promised no disappointment in his dedication.

PM Orbán expressed pride in Hungary's achievements under his leadership, stating that "we are in the middle stage of the cycle... We do not change horses midstream, especially not when it pulls in the right direction and still has plenty of stamina." He emphasized the importance of continuing on the current path, highlighting the resilience of both the government and himself.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressed a profound skepticism about the current European model as represented by Brussels. He stated that "resistance is always confrontation, rejection, outmaneuvering. And indeed, it is my deep conviction that we must say no to the Brussels model of Europe. We must say no because it is unsustainable.”

PM Orbán said the current trajectory in Brussels is leading Europe to ruin, adding: "I am convinced that today in Brussels they are destroying and leading Europe to its downfall. They hammer more and more nails into its coffin every day.”

The prime minister was vocal in his criticism of external influences, particularly from the European Union and figures like George Soros whom he perceives as threats to national sovereignty. He said that "we have resisted the machinations of Brussels bureaucrats, the invasion of migrants, the propaganda of gender ideology, the mirages of war." Overall, he conveyed a strong stance against what he sees as the overreach of EU policies and liberal ideologies.

PM Orbán then highlighted economic growth and energy independence as key areas of focus. He expressed confidence in Hungary's future in green energy and technological innovation, stating that "our future lies in green energy. We need to produce green energy and then store it." He also underscored the importance of Hungary's strategic position between East and West and advocated for a balance in foreign relations.

Towards the end of his speech, the prime minister laid out a strategic plan for Hungary's political future, emphasizing the need for bold and decisive action from the government. In his view, it’s important not to shy away from unexpected maneuvers and underlined the necessity of disciplined actions and precise operations to succeed against overwhelming opposition. He metaphorically mentioned how "our ninja star must be hurled at the right time and place. There is no second chance."

As the first action, PM Orbán announced the new national consultation to gather the opinions of the people. He emphasized the importance of this consultation, saying that "we will ask and collect the people's opinions… The consultation is a key issue; it is from there that we draw strength, from there we win energy."

The second action PM Orbán mentioned is the European Parliamentary elections. He expressed the need for a breakthrough in Brussels and the defeat of Gyurcsányists. The third action involves municipal elections, highlighting the significant responsibility of district presidents.

In closing, Orbán reinforced his vision for Hungary's future, advocating for continued progress and growth. He urged for victory in both the European and municipal elections, emphasizing the need for a strong and unified approach.