PM Orbán: “We should expect the coronavirus to appear in our country, too”

In his regular radio interview, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán covered negotiations over the new EU budget, the current migration situation, the coronavirus and the upcoming National Consultation.

“Today, Hungary pays more money per capita [to the EU budget] than Germany or the Netherlands,” said Viktor Orbán in his regular interview on Kossuth Radio regarding the debate on the next Multiannual Financial Framework of the European Union. He added that “those who call for European solidarity the loudest pay less than countries that are much poorer than them.”

“We need a fair budget, and the wealthier countries cannot contribute less to the budget than the poorer Member States; this is where the debate currently stands,” he said.

Commenting on the situation in Turkey, the prime minister pointed out, “Despite all the attention the coronavirus is attracting, migration remains a historical challenge. The upward flow [of migrants] from the south is a historical trend, and we stand in the way.”

PM Orbán then pointedly asked, “Where will the flow from the south be stopped? I have always maintained that the invasion of migratory masses is wave-like.” The PM continued stating, “We must expect another migratory wave and mass attack on the Hungarian border fence, [and] the Hungarian border must be protected.”

Moving on to the topic of the coronavirus, Viktor Orbán noted that a European focal point for the virus has been established in Northern Italy, and it has also appeared in neighboring countries. “Therefore, it has to be said that the virus will also appear in Hungary; we are preparing for this possibility,” he said, emphasizing that an operations unit had already been established a month ago and that now the focus is on prevention. In the event of an epidemic here in Hungary, the necessary equipment is available and there are appropriate professionals, PM Orbán clarified.

“The Hungarian government is in charge of it, working 24 hours a day,” the prime minister stated, adding, “All important information will be shared. The Hungarian team consists of internationally outstanding professionals.”

Touching upon the upcoming National Consultation, PM Orbán said that “its purpose is to enable people to have their say on certain issues.”

“We were elected not because we were the smartest, but because we could best stand up for Hungarian interests. A National Consultation can strengthen the government so that it can better present itself on the international stage.” The National Consultation will ask people's opinions on the “prison business,” segregation in Gyöngyöspata and court judgments.

Referring to the opposition, Viktor Orbán emphasized that the opposition is not their main political opponent, but George Soros and his network. “At the end of the day, it is always about how the Soros network can influence a government and make money from it.”

“The Hungarian opposition attaches itself to this network,” Orbán said, adding that the network is well-organized and dressed in an “NGO costume” but is, at the end of the day, an organization based on military logic. “Their goal is to plunder the country,” the PM concluded.

Photo credit: mediaklikk.hu