PM Orbán: We will be among the last ones in the EU, should it ever “cease to exist”

In this morning’s interview on Kossuth Rádió, Prime Minister Orbán spoke about Hungary’s economic performance, the importance of national consultations, debates with the EU and the papal visit this past Sunday.

Speaking in his regular interview slot, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the same person is leading the Left today as 15 years ago, when then PM Ferenc Gyurcsány gave his “Őszöd speech,” his infamous rant in 2006 about lying day in and day out to win elections.

“The person who created this whole situation failed the people, he took their money and led the country to bankruptcy,” PM Orbán said. He added that by next year, when 13th month pensions are fully reinstated, we can finally leave the bad economic decisions of the Gyurcsány era behind us.

Referring to the 5.5 percent GDP growth goal set for 2021, PM Orbán said that key decisions had already been made for the economy to expand. “Based on the forecasts, we will succeed, and once we succeed, we will do great things,” the prime minister said.

On current and potential debates with the European Union, PM Orbán said that “continuous challenges” can be expected from the European Parliament, but Hungary will stand up for its sovereignty and competencies. One such challenge, according to the PM, is regarding LGBTQ questions. “Reconstruction funds are loans that Brussels does not want to give us now because of the debate around LGBTQ policy,” PM Orbán said.

Despite the many conflicts, Prime Minister Orbán said that “we will be among the last ones in the EU, should it ever cease to exist,” given that EU membership gives Hungary all-important access to the common market.

According to PM Orbán, the national consultation has become an important practice in Hungarian politics, as it gives people a chance to voice their opinions outside of the elections, which take place every four years. “We have introduced the national consultation with great success; this is why our constitution is so stable and stands the test of time,” Prime Minister Orbán said, reminding listeners that the latest national consultation on life after the pandemic was essential because our life will never be the same as before the pandemic. “We will live in an age of migration and epidemics,” the prime minister said.

Finishing up with a few words about Pope Francis’ visit to Hungary on Sunday, Prime Minister Orbán said that while they avoided some topics like immigration, where their views differ, the two agreed on the importance of protecting families. “According to Pope Francis, the family consists of a father, a mother and children,” the PM said in closing.