PM Orbán: We won an important battle, not the war

In his regular slot on Kossuth Rádió, PM Orbán talked about the favorable outcomes of the four-day EU summit, the coronavirus and the national consultation.

Kicking off his interview on Kossuth Rádió this morning, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave details on the EU summit on the economic recovery fund and upcoming EU budget, saying that the Visegrád Group, led by Hungary and Poland, managed to repel attempts aimed at denying us the right to decide how to spend money that belongs to us.

“The Hungarian and Polish forces have stopped liberals’ offensive in Brussels,” PM Orbán said, adding that we may have won a very important battle, but not the war. These are pro-migration prime ministers, he explained, and there is a certain American billionaire of Hungarian descent by the name of George Soros behind them.

“Their anger towards us is personal because we don’t let their migration policies prevail,” the prime minister said. For the liberals, the mixing of cultures is a desirable outcome, they view it as “a step up on the stairway of history.” Hungarians, however, don’t like to mix with people of foreign cultural backgrounds.

“[Liberals] want to make all parts of Europe look identical, and they want us to look like them,” Prime Minister Orbán said, voicing his opposition to the idea.

Responding to a question about the extra funds secured for Hungary at the EU summit, PM Orbán said that during the five-day-long negotiations, he and his team managed to get an additional 3 billion euros. “In the beginning, there was an unfair proposal on the table; it had to be corrected through a variety of agreements and smart reasoning. We succeeded in correcting it. We could say that in five days, we earned more than a trillion forints for Hungary – not that bad of an hourly rate,” the PM said.

On the coronavirus situation in neighboring countries, the Hungarian prime minister said that “if we don’t do anything against it, the virus will be brought in.” According to him, we need simple, straightforward and precise regulations at border stations. “If we don’t stay alert, then we may cause trouble not only for ourselves [as individuals], but the whole country,” PM Orbán said, suggesting to Hungarians that for this summer, there should be “more Balaton, and less Adriatic Sea.”

Toward the end of the interview, radio host Katalin Nagy noted that 725,000 Hungarians have already returned the ongoing national consultation questionnaires. “If there is a problem, we must establish points of agreement. This is how we escaped the financial crisis, this is how we fended off the migration crisis and this is how we are going to defend the country against the epidemic,” Prime Minister Orbán said, explaining why national consultations are essential for Hungary to overcome tough situations.

“Those who want to join forces and defend Hungary will return the questionnaires,” he concluded, adding that, sadly, Hungarian people cannot count on Hungary’s left-wing parties when there is trouble.