PM Orbán: Western powers want war, we don't

In an interview with Hír TV, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán discussed various critical topics, including the importance of national ownership and leadership in the upcoming elections.

PM Orbán highlighted the government's goal to increase national ownership across all sectors, aiming to exceed 50 percent in every area. This initiative reflects the government's commitment to maintaining key assets under state control, ensuring Hungary's sovereignty and economic stability.

Regarding Alexandra Szentkirályi’s withdrawal from the mayoral race, PM Orbán praised her determination and strategic decision-making. "Alexandra is a brave woman. When she started, she set a very tough goal for herself, partly because the Fidesz-KDNP's organization in Budapest is not as strong as in rural areas, so she lacked the necessary support," he said. "At the end of the campaign, she realized that she had done everything she could, but it wasn't enough. If we want to achieve change, she needs to step back," he added, expressing his understanding and support for Szentkirályi's decision.

Emphasizing the significance of the upcoming local elections, the prime minister stated, "In a municipality, it's immediately apparent if the leader is a good one, someone who understands the needs of their community and can secure the necessary resources, or if they're just a rascal. The stakes of this election for everyone are whether they choose good leaders for the next five years, leaders who will foster the development of their locality."

PM Orbán also elaborated on the European Parliamentary elections, the ongoing Ukraine conflict, and the significance of national ownership during the interview. He stressed these elections will be pivotal in determining Europe's stance on the war in Ukraine. "The last moment is approaching where we can still turn back from the brink of war. To achieve this, we need to bring about change in Brussels and Washington," he said.

Expressing his concern about the sanctions imposed on Russia, PM Orbán stated they have significantly damaged the economy. "We are centimeters away from seeing Western or American soldiers on Ukrainian soil. The Westerners want war; we do not," he asserted.

Regarding national defense, the prime minister reaffirmed his stance against reintroducing conscription in Hungary and opposed the idea of Hungarian soldiers being drafted into a European army. "Strength is needed to stay out of any military action that does not take place in our country. Whether Hungary remains out of a war or is forced into it is a matter of strength," he emphasized.

On the topic of national ownership, PM Orbán highlighted the recent acquisition of the Liszt Ferenc International Airport, stressing the importance of having such strategic assets under national control. "There is only one airport, and having it in Hungarian hands means the wealth of the people also grows," he said. The prime minister also pointed out that although the French will operate the airport, due to their expertise, it remains a national asset.

Finally, touching upon the European Football Championship, PM Orbán shared his expectations for the Hungarian team. "I expect the team to put their heart into it. That is the most important thing," he concluded.