PM Orbán: Without Hungary, there’s no freedom in Europe

In a radio interview this morning, PM Viktor Orbán defended Hungary's pivotal role in Europe, advocating for peace over war and criticizing EU policies on freedom, migration, and sovereignty.

"Without Hungary, without the Hungarian people, there is no freedom in Europe," declared Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Kossuth Radio's “Good Morning, Hungary!,” emphasizing the pivotal role Hungary plays in maintaining European liberty.

Amid escalating global tensions, PM Orbán outlined his vision for Europe, starkly contrasting peace advocates with war proponents. "The world has become a dangerous place," he observed, highlighting fears that conflicts like the Israeli war could spill over into inter-state wars, with grave implications for Europe.

PM Orbán said that strategic calm is necessary, especially regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He noted the importance of preserving human lives and keeping economic considerations in mind. Regarding the Ukrainian conflict, he described it as a war between two Slavic peoples that should urgently be resolved through a ceasefire and peace talks.

"We talk about a Russian-Ukrainian war, while Brussels acts as if it's their own," PM Orbán criticized, wary of the increasing involvement of NATO and the risk of Europe sending troops to Ukraine—a development he vows Hungary will avoid as long as his government is in charge. 

"As long as a national government stands, we will not interfere on either side of the war," he affirmed.

PM Orbán also took a firm stand against the misuse of Hungarian funds for the war, emphasizing the need for diplomacy and minimal financial contribution to Ukraine. He predicts cracks in the war-supporting European mindset as more recognize the need for a ceasefire and less financial aid to Ukraine.

Discussing freedom of speech, PM Orbán lamented its decline in Western Europe, where media, academia, and politicians have become monolithic and suppress diverse views. "An ordinary worker who expresses views against the mainstream might find themselves jobless the next day," he noted, adding that in Hungary, all viewpoints, conservative and liberal, are represented without any repercussions.

Regarding migration, PM Orbán said that George Soros' 2015 plan advocating for the annual acceptance of 1 million migrants into Europe is now framing current EU leaders' approach. They are managing rather than stopping migration, he said, adding firmly, “No one can tell Hungarians with whom they may live."

On agriculture, PM Orbán addressed the impact of war and the dumping of Ukrainian grain. The latter threatens Hungarian farmers by flooding the market with cheap grain and undermining their livelihoods, and he advocated for protecting local markets to sustain Hungary's 20 million people.

Looking ahead, PM Orbán highlighted the stark choice facing Europe in the upcoming elections: peace or war. "We are in an election campaign; it is time to fight, to take a stand and represent our views," he urged, positioning the Hungarian government as a bastion of peace against the war-mongering influences from Brussels and beyond.