PM Viktor Orbán at CPAC Hungary: Hungary is an incubator for shaping the conservative politics of the future

In his opening speech of the second CPAC Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called on fellow conservatives to help defend against the “virus” of woke ideologies.

The second CPAC Hungary organized by the Center for Fundamental Rights kicked off in Budapest this morning, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán opening the event.

The prime minister told the audience how conservatives around the world have come together, emphasizing that Hungary is honored to be sharing a platform with this “elite club.”

According to PM Orbán, Hungary has a special position within this collection of shared values, as while “we are not powerful, nor formidable, or rich” compared to other regular CPAC hosts, Hungary has something special.

This is namely that “Hungary is in fact an incubator where the conservative politics of the future are being tested.”

But why is that? How can it be that a seemingly insignificant country in the heart of Europe became the torchbearer and an example to follow for the conservative community?

In the prime minister’s words, the answer is simple: “Hungary is the place where we not only talked about defeating the progressive liberals and engineering a conservative, Christian political turnaround, we actually did it.”

PM Orbán pointed out that the journey was long and not without its difficulties. He recalled that in 2010 “the question was whether a conservative policy could restore a country bankrupted by liberalism run amok.”

In 13 years however, from the “ruins” of the leftist liberal governance that destroyed Hungary, the new national government is able to demonstrate historic achievements, such as “full employment, record investment, a low corporate tax rate, 40 percent fewer abortions, Europe's best public safety, curbed migration and a strong national identity.”

“The Hungarian success story has been continuing ever since,” said Prime Minister Orbán, pointing out that “we are the proof (that) only conservative politics can help where the liberals and the left have ruined a country.”

Still, although this conservative “experiment” proved to be a tremendous success, conservatives cannot rest. Prime Minister Orbán explained that with this success, “we found ourselves in the middle of an ideological battlefield.”

“We had no choice but to go against the ideology of open society and with it the entire empire of George Soros (and his) “army of NGOs,” he continued.

This struggle was what put Hungary on the map according, to PM Orbán. And this was the fight that paved the way to where we are now, namely that “today, as the leader of an incubator program, I report to you that we are all under attack, in Europe as well as in America,” said the prime minister.

In his view, this attack is “not economic in nature” but a “biological weapon” developed and targeted against “the most vulnerable point in the Western world, nationhood itself.”

According to Prime Minister Orbán, wokism, critical race theory or whatever name it takes “is a nation-destroying virus that will atomize and pulverize our nations.”

PM Orbán called the institution of the nation a “great invention of the West (...) the heart of the free world.” Unfortunately, he continued, this also makes the nation “the Achilles heel of the Western world.”

“(If) nations evaporate, disintegrate, rust away, the possibility of free life will be lost and the West will fall. People without a homeland can never be free, they can only be landless, pawns of the global elite,” the prime minister said.

PM Orbán stressed that we must defend the heritage of nationhood from the Leftists, as they seek to “artificially separate nations into various minorities and foment strife between groups by dividing the world into ‘good and bad.’”

“The good news for everyone is that you don't need to look any further for a cure for the progressive virus,” said Prime Minister Orbán.

“It is here in Hungary. It is available to everyone. You can take it freely; it just needs a little local tuning, and it works anywhere. In cold, in heat, in north and south, it protects against all variants of the progressive forces, and what's more, it has no side effects. Ask your doctor or pharmacist.”