PM Viktor Orbán on new coronavirus measures: “We have already succeeded once, and we will succeed again.”

In a brief video statement published on his Facebook page, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced a list of new government decisions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, aimed at protecting Hungary’s population while also ensuring that the country can continue to function.

We have won the battle against the first wave of the virus, but now we have to face the second one,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a short video statement on his Facebook page (see below) before listing the government’s latest decisions regarding the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“Now we are better equipped and more experienced to fend off the virus, plus we are armed with a national consultation,” the PM said, adding that epidemiological experts believe that the second COVID-19 wave can be expected to peak around the December-January period.

“We have a war plan for protecting the elderly, curing the sick and keeping the country functioning,” the prime minister said.

Here are the latest government decisions in respect to the coronavirus:

As the virus has been mostly brought into the country from abroad, the government will maintain its international travel restrictions.

In addition to shops and public transportation vehicles, mask-wearing will now be made obligatory in cinemas, theaters, healthcare and social institutions, and customer service offices.

The government maintains a complete ban on visits to hospitals and elderly homes.

Starting on October 1, students and teachers (only these parties) will only be allowed to enter schools following a body temperature check.

The government has established a maximum price for a coronavirus test of HUF 19,500.

Clubs must close no later than 11 p.m.

“I ask everyone to abide by the regulations, not only for their own sake, but also for the sake of the elderly and the sick,” PM Orbán said in conclusion, adding that “we have already succeeded once, and we will succeed again.”