Renew Europe migration proposal: Dusting off the old Soros Plan

One would think that, nearly five years after the peak of the migration crisis, Europe’s leading politicians would have finally admitted to the failure of their pro-migration policies.

Europe’s liberals have just submitted a new proposal to the European Parliament on migration. While one wouldn’t expect a tough line on immigration from Renew Europe, a political group that’s the heir to Guy Verhofstadt’s ALDE bloc and that tries to promote itself as Europe’s reformers, their new policy on immigration bears a striking resemblance to George Soros’s plan from 2015.

Let’s look at the similarities.

Just like the American billionaire, Renew Europe sees migration as an opportunity, not something to be stopped. At one point, disguised behind the idea of addressing the root causes of migration (something that, by the way, Prime Minister Orbán has been saying since the start of the migration crisis ), the text’s real intention is revealed when it dwells on “profiting from the opportunities of migration.” Never mind the fact that these “opportunities” (if there are any) do little to counterbalance the threats posed by mass immigration, pertaining to security and culture, and others.

They, too, want to manage migration instead of stopping it. They plan to facilitate the influx of immigrants and the unification of families while handing out citizenship and forcing EU Member States to take part in the obligatory resettlement of migrants.

Don’t take my word for it; it’s there in black and white: “Renew Europe calls for a solidarity mechanism to be developed ensuring fair sharing of solidarity and responsibility between Member States, including relocation based on objective criteria.”

“Objective criteria…” Nice touch! We know by now that’s just Brussels-speak for mandatory resettlement quotas. Also, NGOs that have already been actively supporting immigration would be given expanded roles and many more opportunities. That would likely mean EU funding to unaccountable, unelected NGOs that focus on aiding migration.

What is this if not the resurrection of the pro-migration plans that failed miserably in 2015? While they are talking about Europe’s renewal, we know that these plans would, in fact, present serious challenges and likely unfortunate consequences for Europe.

Since 2010, Prime Minister Orbán’s government consistently represents the rights and interests of Hungarian people in the European Union. We believe that Hungary should remain Hungarian and Europe should remain European. It’s what our citizens want, and we will stand strong against the liberals’ incoming offensive, this refurbished version of the notorious Soros Plan.