Soros, “The Godfather,” and conspiracy theories that aren’t conspiracy theories

The mantra that we are all supposed to believe about Soros and his Open Society network – that he is a philanthropist, that’s all charitable – is false. By his own words, Soros is a political actor with an agenda and the family organization has a new boss who promises to be even more so. Mind you, they have no democratic mandate.

George Soros officially handed over control of his $25 billion empire to his son, Alexander Soros. This means that there’s a new man at the helm of the group comprising more than 250 organizations, capable of molding public opinion on a wide array of issues in many countries around the world.

Through the growing empire of liberal think tanks, NGOs, campaign funding organizations, and more, George Soros has spent a fortune trying to shape events – including the outcome of elections – to his own liking and according to an ideologically-driven political agenda inspired by radical ideas about an “open society”.  All of that, mind you, with zero democratic mandate.

Reacting to the news, Prime Minister Orbán took to Twitter yesterday and posted a GIF from The Godfather with the caption “Soros 2.0”. The US ambassador responded with an image of someone wearing a tin foil hat and text referring to “dog-whistle conspiracy theories”.

How witty!

Fact is, there’s nothing “dog-whistle” about the Orbán Government’s communication on the work of Soros. We’ve been quite explicit about why we oppose Soros’ work. Nor are these based on mere conspiracy theories. All one has to do is have a look at the words of Soros himself and the work of the organizations he funds.

Firstly, Soros and the organizations he funds have been interfering in Hungarian domestic political affairs for the better part of the last decade. Soros has openly criticized the Orbán Government and our positions on vital issues like migration, calling on the EU to take a stand against Hungary, which he claims is “adamantly opposed to the values on which the European Union is based”. His Open Society Fund supports many organizations operating in Hungary that are staunchly in the opposition camp. The opposition forces that formed a coalition to run in Hungarian parliamentary elections of 2022 have admitted that they received enormous amounts of funding from the United States, and some allege that Soros was among the sources.

Secondly, it’s not a “conspiracy theory” if George Soros himself put into writing a number of times how the Hungarian government stands in the way of proceeding with his plan to flood Europe with tens of millions of immigrants and transform Europe’s society according to his open society utopia. He even admitted to The New York Times that he was working to “bend” the arc of history “in the right direction.”

There’s an essential detail about the Soros network that differentiates them from any other organization with a strong political agenda: Their representatives have never been elected, they are not accountable to the public, and are recruited from the same leftist, liberal thought bubble. To put it bluntly, they lack any form of legitimacy. In a sense, one could argue that it’s almost mafia-like.

And now there’s a new boss. In the Wall Street Journal interview published over the weekend, Alex Soros admitted to being even “more political” than his father. The tax paying citizens in the states and countries where the Soros network pursues its ideologically driven activism should be concerned.