The Soros ‘mercenaries’ working against Hungary

According to a recently uncovered statement by Tracie Ahern, former chief financial officer of the Soros Fund Management, the billionaire financier commands a quasi-mercenary force of at least 2,000 people, tasked with achieving three goals: bringing down Prime Minister Orbán’s government, dismantling the border fence, and promoting immigration to Hungary.

The statement marked the latest in a series of revelations of Soros-funded efforts that attempt to influence public life in Hungary and oppose the work of the democratically elected government. Earlier this month, the Jerusalem Post broke a story about how a Soros-funded NGO in Berlin, headed by a Hungarian national, is actively lobbying the German government to apply pressure on Hungary to change laws on NGO transparency. A few weeks ago, I posted on a Hungarian media report about an astonishing revelation that George Soros spent more than 14 million USD in 2017 lobbying the US government against Hungary. We’ve also called attention repeatedly to his Open Society network’s lobbying efforts in Brussels (here and here). Hungarian media also reported on a Soros-funded NGO illegally collecting data on migrants.

Following this latest report, I have called upon these Soros organizations to make public the names of those 2,000 people and list the names of opposition party politicians on Soros’ payroll. The pending legislation that would require greater transparency from foreign-funded organizations that promote pro-migration policies and oppose our government’s efforts to curb immigration will make it more difficult for these activists to work without accountability. Until then, the Hungarian Government will resist all outside attempts to politically influence our immigration policy – a position that has broad popular support – and will apply all means necessary to prevent organizations from performing unlawful political activities.

Though there are at least 2,000 people working against Hungary’s interests, “there is no shortage of such people in Brussels either,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a Facebook video prior to last week’s EU summit. Their aim is to make Hungary an immigrant country, he said, and “this we shall not allow to happen.”

Prime Minister Orbán reiterated at the summit his government’s firm opposition to the mandatory quota system and any other policy that supports immigration. “As long as I am prime minister, there is no possibility of any such agreement,” he said. 

Europe is full up,“ the prime minister said, therefore we must focus our attention on defending our external borders.

Those who still see immigration of this scale as a positive phenomenon – despite considerable experience that suggests otherwise – have a fundamentally different vision for the future of our country and of Europe. For us, security comes first, and we must stop any organization that promotes illegal migration for ideological or other reasons that have no democratic mandate.