The “Stop Soros” bill: here’s our plan

This three-step legislative package creates a new situation,” Prime Minister Orbán said in his radio interview this morning. “Everybody, including George Soros, can decide what to do. Stop supporting or continue to organize and support illegal migration.”

If they continue, then the new law will apply, he said.

The prime minister was referring to the new bill that proposes concrete steps against those who support illegal immigration. The ‘Stop Soros’ package would require organizations that facilitate migration to register, disclose data and pay a fee of 25 percent of their foreign funding as a contribution to the government’s border protection measures. Individuals known to support illegal immigration could be denied entry to Hungary.

The legislative package – also known as the “Stop Soros bill” – submitted to parliament by the government on Wednesday, includes a series of proposals to carry out the will of the Hungarian people and their opposition to illegal immigration. The Orbán Government’s goal is to provide a clear set of rules for official bodies, citizens, illegal immigrants and those who are organizing illegal immigration.

In the latest national consultation on the Soros plan and previously through the 2016 national referendum on the migrant quota, Hungarian citizens have made it clear that they oppose plans to promote mass immigration to Europe and compulsory migrant resettlement quotas. As we’ve seen, George Soros supports mass migration, calling on Europe to admit up to one million migrants a year, and has funded a network of organizations that openly call for and facilitate illegal migration on Hungarian soil.

As a first step towards identifying these organizations, the Stop Soros bill would increase the transparency of these – mostly foreign-funded – organizations by requiring them to register in a public system that keeps close track of their funding and activities.

On top of this, if the organizations engaged in facilitating illegal migration receive the majority of their funding from abroad, the bill would impose a fee equivalent to 25 percent of those foreign funds. The proceeds would then go to Hungary’s border protection measures.

Another goal is to prevent individuals who facilitate illegal immigration from performing such activities. As a last step, the Stop Soros bill would introduce the legal category of immigration restraining order as a non-criminal counterpart of a ban from the country. According to the proposed package, individuals who facilitate the entry of illegal migrants or finance such organizations could be banned from the 8-kilometer proximity of the Hungarian border or even prohibited from entering Hungary.

“George Soros openly states,” the prime minister said, “that he has spent a lot of money to support and organize migration. There’s a plan that says that the fence is a problem and that migration is the solution to Europe’s future. In contrast, the Hungarian government says it’s the other way around: Migration is the problem and the fence is the solution.”

The three-week social consultation on the Stop Soros package began on Thursday and Parliament is expected to decide on the bill in February.

Hungarians have – on many occasions – made it clear that they don’t want Hungary to become an immigrant country. So the government’s immigration policy remains unchanged. "We have a duty to do everything we can to prevent the implementation of the Soros Plan," Prime Minister Orbán said.

To that end, the Orbán Government will discourage foreign-funded organizations from facilitating illegal migration and ensure that individuals who support or engage in this activity are kept away from Hungary.  That’s what the Stop Soros bill is all about.