This Slovenian weekly serves up a sad example of the intolerance of the Left

The March 22nd cover of the Slovenian leftist weekly Mladina shows a caricature of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán raising a Nazi salute, surrounded by SDS leader Janez Janša and other figures associated with Slovenia’s conservative, right-wing party.

While everyone has the right to express an opinion, there’s also the matter of discretion and professionalism. The decision by the editors of Mladina – formally the mouthpiece of the youth wing of the Communist Party – to throw about certain symbols, such as the Hakenkreuz and the Nazi salute betrays a deeply distorted sense of history and poor professional judgment.

When the cover first appeared in print, Hungary’s ambassador in Ljubljana, Edit Szilágyiné Bátorfi, protested the weekly’s distasteful illustration in a letter to the editors. “It’s outrageous and unacceptable to associate the prime minister of Slovenia’s EU and NATO ally to the dark powers of a fallen era,” she wrote.

It’s an outrage and unacceptable first and foremost to the memory of the victims of that horrible period. Little surprise that the leftist editors at Mladina dislike the policies of the Orbán Government, but comparing the events of today’s Europe with the Nazi era, trivializes what really happened in that dark time.

The response from Mladina? Juvenile and cynical. They dismissed our ambassador’s letter, scolding her for speaking up, and answered with an editorial entitled “Idolatry,” and a sarcastic “corrected” cover.

According to the author, Hungary’s firm opposition to immigration under the Orbán Government and our determination to protect European culture, which is deeply rooted in Christianity, is akin to the notorious German concept of Lebensraum.

And with that, they tipped their hand. What’s this really all about? What prompted this ridiculous, over-the-top depiction of Hungary’s prime minister?

PM Orbán’s opposition to immigration.

To the intellectuals in the editorial offices at Mladina, which has a long history of sympathy for the multiculti agenda and deep antipathy for the Church, anyone who voices a staunch opposition to immigration and a desire to protect our Christian culture must be a Nazi.

Here we have yet another unfortunate example of the intolerance of today’s Left. Anyone who stands athwart their liberal ideology, questioning their multiculti orthodoxy, will be denounced as an extremist.