Where are all those bleeding hearts who were once so passionate about “Freedom for Ahmed”?

He’s out of prison. Why won’t anybody take him in? Where are all those bleeding hearts now, the ones demanding “Freedom for Ahmed”?

You remember Ahmed H, the Syrian national and resident of Cyprus who was charged and convicted in a court in Hungary for illegal border crossing and involvement in terrorism in 2015. The case caused quite a stir in Hungarian and international media.

He was convicted and sentenced to prison because he played a leading role in the so-called “Battle of Röszke” in 2015. At the height of the migration crisis in September of that year, a riotous mob of illegal migrants attempted to break through the border near the Hungarian-Serbian border crossing at Röszke. They demanded to be allowed to cross the EU border – illegally – and when denied, they attacked the police guarding the border.

You can watch video of the confrontation here. That’s Ahmed H. at the front of the mob, leading them on and later throwing rocks at police officers.

Recall the vociferous protests following that first court conviction, those who demanded “Freedom for Ahmed.” POLITICO Europe even ran a story on it, depicting Ahmed H. as a human rights case and that the charges were overblown.

Ahmed H was released from prison on January 19 after serving two-thirds of his term. Under the same ruling, he was to be expelled from Hungary upon his release. However, he still can’t leave the country and must stay in detention until Hungary can reach an agreement with Cyprus, his former place of residence, concerning his return.

So where are all the others now, like the two dozen MEPs who were demanding this convicted criminal’s release?

“If they care so much about his freedom,” wrote Fidesz Communications Director Balázs Hidvéghi recently, “they should lobby their government to welcome Ahmed H. into their country.”

Or what about those Soros-funded organizations, Amnesty International and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, who denounced the case and took up Ahmed H.’s judicial defense? They seem to like to apply public pressure. Maybe they could pressure one of these governments into admitting this man.

Nothing yet. Poor Ahmed H., who cannot go anywhere until somebody invites him in, is still waiting.