Wondering what PM Orbán meant with that reference to the Soros plan? Here it is

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has made a number of references to a Soros plan to bring one million “refugees and migrants” into Europe each year. Some are skeptical, but the doubters haven’t familiarized themselves with the facts. The plan is real.

“There is a Soros plan and he wrote it,” Prime Minister Orbán said in a recent radio interview, “it’s not something we’ve made up. We didn’t reach this conclusion through divination, but the architect of the plan published it himself.” A day later, speaking in Băile Tuşnad at the 28th Bálványos Summer Open University and Student Camp, the prime minister reiterated, “This is how it is: there is a Soros plan…He wrote it down himself, the Soros Empire published it and began recruitment for implementation of the plan,” elaborated Orbán on the foundations of George Soros’ vision for a borderless Europe.

The original source for the Soros plan for a borderless Europe is an article published in 2015 appropriately entitled, “Here’s my plan to solve the asylum chaos”.  It may come as a surprise, but it contains exactly what Prime Minister Orbán said it does. Let’s take a look.

“The European Union needs one comprehensive plan, with human rights at the core” in order to solve the “asylum Chaos,” Mr. Soros writes, and we see that, following his warmhearted reception in Brussels, which is still shrouded in secrecy, EU leaders seem to back his plan.

PM Orbán said that the first point of the plan is that “hundreds of thousands of migrants – and, if possible, a million” should be received annually in the EU. What did Soros actually write? “The EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future” through “safe channels.”

“And, to do that, it must share the burden fairly, — a principle that a qualified majority finally established at a Sept. 23 summit,” the American financier wrote, and he leaves no doubt about what he means by fair burden sharing. He refers (and the original text even links) to the EU Summit, where the resettlement quota system was originally pushed through. The prime minister was right when he said that “the Soros plan [says] that the migrants arriving on the continent will have to be distributed among the countries of Europe as part of a mandatory and permanent mechanism.”

Prime Minister Orbán also noted that the Soros plan calls for giving aid to every one of them that amounts to more than the average annual salary in Hungary.

 “The EU should provide 15,000 euros ($16,800) per asylum-seeker for each of the first two years to help cover housing, health-care and education costs,” according to Soros. At current exchange rates, 15,000 EUR amounts to about 4.5 million forints per annum.

The EU, according to Soros, “Can raise these funds by issuing long-term bonds using its largely untapped AAA borrowing capacity, which will have the added benefit of providing a justified fiscal stimulus to the European economy.” Orbán, as a side note, mentioned that the author of the plan would gladly provide the loans himself.

The prime minister warned that the Soros plan aims to “take all the decision-making powers related to migrant affairs away from the nation states and raise them to the level of Brussels.”

“The EU must immediately start building a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency and eventually a single EU Border Guard,” according to Soros.“The current patchwork of 28 separate asylum systems does not work: it is expensive, inefficient and produces wildly inconsistent results in determining who qualifies for asylum,” Soros argued. That would be taking away yet another national competence: the right to national border protection.

The prime minister’s account of the plan was quite accurate. But wait, there’s more.

According to the article, the financial speculator even identifies the single greatest threat to the fulfillment of his plan: Prime Minister Orbán and Hungary.

“Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has now also produced a six-point plan to address the crisis. But his plan, which subordinates the human rights of asylum-seekers and migrants (sic!) to the security of borders, threatens to divide and destroy the EU by renouncing the values on which it was built and violating the laws that are supposed to govern it,” he writes.

Serious border protection, of course, does not violate any laws. In addition, in every sovereign state, the right of citizens to secure borders and safety comes before non-existent “human rights of asylum-seekers and migrants.” It is not a human right to refuse cooperation with the receiving country’s immigration authorities. It is not a human right to disappear before an asylum request is decided. It is not a human right to attack border protection police officers with stones.

But note how Soros himself admits that not all the migrants are asylum-seekers and makes implicit reference to the same dichotomy of open borders versus safe borders.

When the Orbán Government calls out Soros for promoting open borders, mass immigration, quotas and a top-down asylum policy, it’s not based on some flimsy conspiracy theory. It’s a painful reality. That’s why we need an open, transparent discussion about migration that respects the will of Europe’s citizens.