Sweet potato startup revolutionizing bio vegetable market

The sweet potatoes used in Budapest’s most-popular restaurants don’t come from your average country farm.

Julcsi Tukacs and her partner, Dávid Márkus founded their successful company, Batátapástétom five years ago.

The first to establish a fully-sustainable, chemical-free, vegan production system, the duo earned a name for themselves with their prime-quality sweet potatoes. Currently, they sell seeds, seedlings, potatoes and other items, including vegan spreads, chutneys and specialty dips.

In the past five years, the ambitious duo have by far surpassed the world of vegan markets and specialist shops, catering to some of the largest establishments in the capital and beyond.

Their success has posed numerous challenges: to meet the increasing demand, Tukacs and Márkus took on a number of new employees - mostly, family members. Fortunately, they have no plans to compromise the vegan, fully-sustainable production system.

Photo: batatapastetom.hu