1.2 million Hungarian students to receive free textbooks

The Hungarian government has allocated HUF 13.8 billion (EUR 40.0m) for providing students with free textbooks.


Zoltán Maruzsa, State Secretary for Public Education, has announced that all 1.2 million students in Hungary’s public school system will be provided with free textbooks starting from the coming school year.

Speaking to reporters at the warehouse of textbook distributer KELLO Könyvtárellátó, Maruzsa said the government has allocated HUF 13.8 billion (EUR 40.0m) for providing students with free textbooks. This school year some 150,000-160,000 more students will be eligible for free textbooks compared to last year.

Maruzsa said that when the state began distributing free textbooks to students in 2013, only 54 percent of them were eligible to take part in the scheme compared with 85 percent in 2019. Starting this year, the Ministry of Human Resources will conclude the purchase of the textbooks directly with KELLO, the state secretary said, adding that this would reduce bureaucratic burdens on schools.

The state secretary said that because of Hungary’s amended national curriculum, 61 textbooks that will be handed out to students this year are either new or have been reworked. The books were written, edited and proofread by a total of 130 experts, he added.

This year’s catalogue of textbooks includes 2,907 titles from 52 publishers, 54 percent of which were published by the Educational Authority. There are a total of 1,918 state-published textbooks in the catalogue, accounting for 65 percent of all textbooks on offer.

A total of 4,073 schools have placed orders for a total of 13,455,000 textbooks this year, which is 385,000 more than the number ordered last year. KELLO CEO Zsolt Tőczik said the distributor began delivering the books to schools on Monday, adding that quality-wise, Hungarian students would be studying from “world-class textbooks”.

Photo credit: kafkadesk.org