6,390 new COVID cases recorded in Hungary yesterday

195 people passed away yesterday due to complications related to COVID-19, while the number of vaccinated people now stands at 6,126,420.

The total number of vaccinated people is 6,126,420, of which 5,842,885 have already received their second vaccination and 2,515,398 have already received their third vaccination. A total of 6,390 new infections have been confirmed yesterday, bringing the total number of infected persons identified since the beginning of the epidemic to 1,103,108. The 195 deaths yesterday were mostly elderly, chronic patients, bringing the total number of deaths to 34,521. The number of recovered people continues to increase and now stands at 882,659, while the number of active infected people has risen to 185,928. 7,596 patients with coronavirus are hospitalized, of whom 513 are on ventilators.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 8,443,744 coronavirus tests have been performed in Hungary.

The government has extended the Vaccination Action Week by another week. Hungarians who wish to get vaccinated can do so until 5 December, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at hospital vaccination points without having to register or book an appointment. Hospitals across the country are expecting increased vaccination capacity, whether for the first, the missed second or the confirmatory third vaccination.

People who have not been vaccinated can arrive at the vaccination point without pre-registration, in which case they will be registered on the spot. Those who arrive without an appointment will be vaccinated on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who have pre-registered and booked an appointment online can avoid waiting.