Antal Rogan: Bring forward referendum on migrant crisis

The compulsory resettlement of migrants is a real and imminent threat

Antal Rogán, Head of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, has warned that the compulsory resettlement of migrants is a real and imminent threat.

In his pre-agenda speech during a parliamentary session on Monday, he asked MPs to support a debate on bringing forward the referendum on the compulsory resettlement quota, outside the usual rules of parliamentary procedure.

Parliament have so far voted to forego the usual procedure with 145 in favor and 30 against, with the debate closing today.

If the National Assembly orders the referendum then the date will be set by the President of the Republic. It is currently expected to be held sometime in September or October.

According to Rogán, the referendum is urgent, because Brussels is proposing increasingly aggressive plans for compulsory resettlement.

With regard to the referendum on the quota initiated by the government, he said that "compulsory resettlement is a real and imminent danger"; EU negotiations on the issue have begun and progress is now expected to be more rapid.

"What is also clear from the latest European Commission proposal is that an immigrant is worth 78 million HUF (250,000 HUF), but a Hungarian is worth less than 1 million HUF (3,200 EUR)," he added.

The question to be put forward at the now legally authorised referendum is as follows: “Do you agree that the European Union should have the power to impose the compulsory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without the consent of the National Assembly of Hungary?”

The government is asking the people of Hungary to say no to compulsory resettlement and protect Hungary’s independence.