Art Market Budapest to be held between October 22-25

The fair is set to take place from October 22 to 25 at Millenium Park on the sidelines of CAFe Budapest.


The CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival is currently running between October 9 and 25, the events are being held by various hosts around Budapest. This is the 29th time that the festival is occurring within the framework of CAFe Budapest, the Budapest Ritmo will be held along with the Art Market Budapest and autumn's Margo Literary Festival.

Art Market Budapest is an international contemporary art fair that was established in 2011 to present “unique artistic composition in a vibrant and exciting region and in one of the culturally most attractive cities in Europe.” The Art Market will offer 150 smaller events specifically focused on contemporary Hungarian and Central European art in the region over the past thirty years.

In previous years, exhibitors originate from over 40 different countries and five continents to participate. This year there will be 20 countries participating at the event and others will be able to join online.

Organizers state that promoting artists impacted by the coronavirus epidemic, as well as ensuring the safety of visitors were top priorities. Noting that they are prepared to take all necessary measures in accordance with regulations and recommendations by the Health Authority.

For those unable to attend, Art Market Budapest Virtual was launched as a digital platform to make the exhibition experience available to an even larger audience. This platform will connect participating galleries with a global network of collectors and art enthusiasts.

Photo credit: Art Market Budapest