Artúr Görgey exhibition extended until the end of August

The Hungarian National Museum will extend ‘The Unknown Görgey’ exhibition due to popular demand.

Open until the end of August, the Artúr Görgey exhibition offers a rare glimpse into the personal life and dealings of the legendary lieutant, while also exploring how his public perception has evolved between the early-19th century to today.

With 416 objects, multimedia installations and a slew of films on display, this is the largest-ever collection interrogating the legacy of the key historical figure.

"Görgey is among the greatest," curator Benedek Varga said at the vernissage. "His legacy can only be compared to that of János Hunyadi and Miklós Zrínyi. His exceptional strategy-building skills mark him as one of the most-important military leaders, regardless of the tragic outcome of the Visegrád treaty," he added.

Photo credit: mnm.hu