British Ambassador bids farewell to Hungary

British Ambassador to Hungary Iain Lindsay ends his four-year term.


In a video posted to the British Embassy in Budapest's website, Ambassador Iain Lindsay has bid a fond farewell to Hungary in Hungarian.

In the farewell video, the outgoing ambassador thanked Hungary and Hungarians for their hospitality, noting that he has always felt at home here. Lindsay will now move back to the U.K. with his wife, Bridget, and his dog, Juno. Quoting Shakespeare, he said: “Parting is such a sweet sorrow" but will come back soon.

Lindsay has led the United Kingdom’s diplomatic mission in Budapest since March 30, 2016. His farewell does not come as a surprise as Lindsay has completed his four-year term. Paul Fox was announced as his successor earlier this year.

When Lindsay started his post in Hungary, he said in his introductory video on the British Embassy’s YouTube channel that his main mission is to work with Hungarian friends and to significantly strengthen the two countries' bilateral agreement.

Hungary-U.K. relations have strengthened during his time in office. In a recent interview regarding Brexit, Ambassador Lindsay said: “Hungary has been probably the most supportive, empathetic, respectful, constructive, positive European Union member state and we have actually managed to develop a much stronger bilateral relationship, particularly on the defense and economic side. When I arrived, there wasn’t much of a relationship, but now we have got a strong one.”

Photo credit: Facebook/ UK in Hungary