Buda Castle District renovations continue

Budapest Castle District renovations continue with some restored buildings to be handed over in 2021.


The Buda Castle renovations are still ongoing in an effort to bring the castle back to life. The restoration dates back to the Hauszmannian period. In 1891, Alajos Hauszmann was named chief architect for Buda Castle which was undergoing another round of construction.

Currently, the refurbishment will be based on a multitude of information from Hauszmann’s era, including contemporary delivery notes, material samples, and photographs.

Gergely Fodor is the appointed government commissioner for the job. Before his appointment he presented a plan that would start in 2018 and last until 2030.

After his proposal was accepted, a castle headquarters was established with more than 30 investments divided into three subsections. The subsections each have their own specific goal. The first is to spruce up the green areas, the second is to reconstruct the previously demolished buildings, adn the third is to restore the Royal Palace.

Fodor has said that St. Stephen’s Hall, Hyundai Hall, the Habsburg Hall, Throne Hall, ballroom, buffet hall, reception hall and chapel with the palatine crypt, etc. will be handed over in August 2021.

The authentic reconstruction of the Castle District is promising, notes Fodor. “I have no doubt that the historical spaces will be restored to their original condition," he said.